Sex Party, and Art  

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7/12/2006 4:48 pm

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Sex Party, and Art

Seems I got more quiet after school was out. Guess I figured I could be lazy for a little while. Done now.

So, I went to a playparty this weekend. It was a small one, but fun that way. Great music, good people. Got to mingle a bit, and play with a friend that I have been wanting to for quite a long time. This was my first exhibitionist type of thing, and it was a turn on. Didn't think I would be that into it, since I have always classified myself as a voyeur, but I really enjoyed putting on a bit of a show. I did some acting in high school, but got extremely bad stage fright, so I kinda always figured that I would be too nervous. I think it helped that it was such a small party. I knew just about everybody there already, and had met everybody else by the time my friend and I got around to playing. Definitely something I'll think about doing again in the future.

I've been wanting to start doing more graphic design, and maybe even selling some of my pieces at the sex parties, or do a show at Good Relations, but I need models. I don't feel comfortable taking pictures off the internet and using those, even though I do change them enough that it is hard to tell they are the same picture. I'd much rather have live models too, because I can put them in the exact position that I want them in. So, if any locals want to help me out (unfortunately I don't have the funds to pay you yet, but I'm a great cook!) please, let me know! I think the human body is a beautiful thing, both male and female, all sizes, and want to show that to everybody!

SirMounts 102M

8/4/2006 2:38 pm

I like your blog, ClothesMyEyes. *smiling* write very well.

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