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7/31/2006 12:46 am

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Weell I've just got to get on my high horse and have a go at some of my fellow male advertisers on here . Now I know that I won't get many replies because of my profile BUT what I don't like are some of the comments made by you ladies on here . The more female profiles I read the more I am reminded of how many guys make promises that they don't keep or appointments they don't intend to keep . Why do this to lady advertisers when we are all here to enjoy the freedoms available to us ? Also it appears that some of my fellow males can't string a couple of words together and that "quick shag" is the name of the game .
Sorry girls but I don't work like that - part of the sexual relationship is the wooing , the chatting , the teasing , the meeting etc etc and as for foreplay well it's the greatest thing there is .

So come on you guys stop making it even more difficult for the likes of us who are 100% genuine and are being hampered by your inactions.

That's all for now - bye !

Ms_Sunshine_girl 59F

5/20/2007 1:02 pm

The English lanquage is somewhat of a mystery to a lot of people I'm afraid CLG, and I too have had the 'quick shag' comments levelled at me, which I might add, I immediately delete.
However, I have great faith in human nature and keep hoping for an intelligent man (or woman) to enter into that wooing, chatting, teasing dialogue that you quite rightly advocate.
Thank you for voicing your concerns on our behalf
Ms S

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