My first fetish.  

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5/9/2006 4:19 pm

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My first fetish.

For starters, I must confess that I am sad that I have not gotten a single wink. Ha ha ha.

This is so easy, Bill. Just put your pic up, write something clever and you'll have your choices in no time.

Right. Whatever. Still easier in a bar.

Having been relatively single for some time, I spend an occasional moment considering my past experiences. I think we all do.

On the rare occasion, it's ...
Woe is me, what was I thinking? Alas!
Sometimes it's
Oof. That girl was hot. I wouldn't mind running into her - six ways from Saturday - again.
Mostly, I think that it boils down to
Dude, this was soo much easier ten years ago.

So, I'm going to share with you my first fetish.

I was in high school, barely lost my virginity before I graduated, and two weeks later, was off to college!

Now, I had fooled around a bit in my 18th year, the 'normal' stuff - back seats, bedroom while the parents were away, sneaking in windows.. all that stuff that you think is so "wickedly evil" when you're raised by an immigrant family with rigid morality.

Not only was I pretty good in the sack, surprisingly, but apparently I was quite ... driven. When my hair started falling out, I came to learn that I had extra testosterone and that explained (explains) my charged libido.

As most of us are wont to do, I exploded in college, in more ways than one. I discovered sex was more than a word used frequently by Dr. Ruth, but it was a power, a tool, a way to say things that I did not know how to say, coming from an emotionally closed off upbringing.

Fucking her senseless, giving her multiple orgasms, making her thighs ache so hard that 2 days later she's still complaining about having to walk up stairs - this was how I said, "Hey. I think you're cool."

Through a friend, I met a Puerto Rican girl named Elena. Elena was a bit thicker than most girls I was interested in - but, she had big gorgeous eyes.. and .. very nice other curves, too. She was sexy and uninhibited. For a man coming into his own (sic), she was a great several months of experience.

The first time Elena and I hooked up, we had been partying, and she was .. wild. At the moment, I felt a little intimidated, concerned.. that I couldn't handle her, that she would toss me around like a rag doll.. then, something happened.

She lost all of her self control. So badly, in fact, that she dug her fingernails into the flesh of my back.

At first, the pain was searing! But, I was sooo turned on at this wild and powerful woman that had lost all of her senses under MY command, the testosterone kicked up a notch, and I just went with it. It was unbelievably exhilirating! I had made girls moan, sure, and orgasm, of course, but to make one just totally lose herself? That was new to me.

When we were done.. I started getting dressed, and she gasped. I'm like .. "What?".. right, like .. I dunno.. something bad happened.

She proceeded to point out my back, which looked like I had been flailed by a cat o' nines with barbed edges.

At this point, my ego was so pounded up, that instead of saying, "WTF!!", I thought that it was the hottest thing ever.

I proceeded to show my roommate (hey, I was 18. We talk about stuff at that age) and any one else who asked me about my night.

Elena and I dated for a few months, until she moved back to Miami, and I left college and returned to this area. Our personalities didn't always mesh, but in the bedroom, we were on fire. And, I came to embrace the .. sensation.. during sex.. of a woman's fingernails down my back.

For about five years, this was my fetish. I had to date women with long fingernails, and they absolutely, positively had to destroy my back during sex.

I dated a few shy girls, so when they did it.. it turned me on, of course. The freaks I dated, they obliged me gladly.. I but had to whisper in her ear.

But, on occasion, I'd date a really nice girl, and she just couldn't bring herself to it. Hell, I'd do anything to the girl, to make her lose her inhibitions.. I'd go down on her for an hour, I'd whisper into her ear, I'd taunt her and tease her with penetration.. anything, to make her lose control.

Of course, not every woman loses control, and if they all do, they certainly don't do it the same way. That's when it occurred to me that this was a fetish.. because I felt something was missing, if.. a girl and I had great sex, and my back was unmarred.


Shortly after my quickie marriage and divorce, I dated Tracy. Tracy and I had the most amazing sexual chemistry I had ever experienced (at that point in my life, at least).

And it was Tracy who introduced me to other forms of pain.

To be sure, I'm into control. I'm not into being tied up and lying there, catching a draft, while she does whatever. Oh, sure, it's fun on occasion, just to switch things up.. but I'm not INTO it.

I'm also not into pain for the sake of pain. Stringing me up and putting a ball-gag in my mouth while you kick my balls or whatever.. (not knocking those fellas who are into that sorta stuff), but that's not my flavor.

I am certainly not judgemental - one man's fetish is another man's freak show, and the same for women, and .. hey, it's all good. It's much better to know what you like, than otherwise.

Tracy and I went to the next level. We started with the fingernails, of course, until even that wasn't enough for the chemistry. I could handle a lot more pain, because we turned each other on so much.

We got a little cat'o'nine tails. Weak. A little whip. Weak. Finally, we ended up with a 30" piece of industrial rubber, about 1/2" thick and 2" wide. *Crack!*

Wow. Did that leave some nifty welts. I should have taken pictures.

Then Tracy left me, alas, went back to her ex, woe, left him, had a fling with me, and then went and got married and moved to Georgia.


But, I still think about .. not the girls I slept with.. but, the sensation of being so turned on that you're not going to be wholly distracted by drawing a little blood.

It's been awhile since I've been that turned on. And like anything else from the past that was favorable, sometimes I miss it.

I realize that this is .. unusual, perhaps. Is it as unusual as putting up an adult personal on the internet? Was a time when the internet personals were the odd thing, and smacking a girl on the ass during sex was the norm.

Go figure.

Maybe I should rewrite my ad - please send a picture of your face, your ass, and your fingernails with any responses. Thanks.

That's all I have for today.

Have a nice day.

~ Bill

rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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5/10/2006 7:25 pm

Hi there

I truly enjoyed this Welcome to the blogs! And, to the TASA board!

Cleverman6971 replies on 5/11/2006 4:43 pm:
Thank you. It's kinda fun to do blogs here, to write about things that might be oddly received anywhere else.

- Bill

boniboiy 51M
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6/28/2007 10:03 pm

i really like your candour, i'm reading thru, how come so little comment ; is it like me; people reckon you've said it all quite nicely and there's no space for them; you're on the list of blogs people would also like if they liked mine in the blog home page, but i never looked at any but the top 3 which were garbage......
i'm reading on.........

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