Men think with their Penis, apparently.  

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Men think with their Penis, apparently.

Here was a little joke posted on the TASA BBS.

Guys, is this us?
Once upon a time there was a female brain cell which, by mistake, happened to end up in a man's head. She looked around nervously because it was all empty and quiet.

"Hello?" she cried, but no answer. "Is there anyone here?" she cried a little louder, but still no answer. Now the female brain cell started to feel alone and scared and yelled at the top of her voice,


Then she heard a faint voice from far, far away . . .

"We're down here ..."

It's too bad that pop psychology and the sociological trends require us to label and organize each other.

Especially when it comes to .. this. Men think with their penis. What if I agree?

For starters, humans as many other species, are social creatures. We do not live in isolation, and we tend to seek others for companionship.

Additionally, we are geared toward procreation. It's instinct. Survival instinct, perhaps, but..whatever. Spawning salmon, swarming termites.. some creatures exist *only* to procreate, and then..they die.

Eat. Screw. Die. There are worser things.

I don't suppose there's a lot of Bible thumpers here, but here's a bit of Jewish lore I like to share with my friends... God's Covenant with Abraham (ye Olde Testament) was, in essence, to "Go forth and multiply like the stars in the heavens." Note that Abraham had more than one wife. I just don't see the rabbi calling him a "dog". Single Jewish men, on the Sabbath, after service, are supposed to go forth and find a nice Jewish woman to honor the covenant. Married couples are supposed to go home and .. uh.. schtoop.

Our senses are built around this - no, not Jewish theology - but, procreation. Men are the providers and the determiners of the proper sex cells (determiners of sex of the child, as it were)..

(Another bit of lore. Position, indeed, can play a role in determining the sex of a child. X Chromosome, responsible for creating baby girls, survive a little longer, but swim slower. Y Chromosomes, swim faster, and die faster. The theory goes, then, that doggy style creates Boys, because of the heightened penetration of this position: this gives the faster swimmers a better chance to reach the coveted egg before they expire. This is much the same reason for the missionary position contributing to the birth of girls, more oft than not. Additionally, mutual orgasms will increase the chance of pregnancy overall, as the additional fluids and muscular contractions will aid the little sperms along the route.)

I'm sure you realize that men are more sensatorically (ha ha ha. That's not a word, I don't think) driven. Sight, smell, sound, touch - these things are far more apt to turn a man on. Why? That's how we're built. It's our task to ensure the survival of the species. We must be easily aroused to facilitate this.

Women, are built differently, and not just the stuff that's far more aesthetically pleasing. They are more intuitive, by nature. Their role, as child bearer, makes them far more inclined to see beyond visual stimulation. I believe this is another factor in survival instinct. The sperm is readily available! But, the child must survive! Therefore, it is the female's responsibility to ensure that, biologically speaking, and thus their instincts are built around this.

I believe strongly in the power of a woman to use her intuition in such a way as to draw a man who makes her feel.. secure. Before this turns into some relationship spiel, bear in mind that "secure" is a generic phrase, as culture plays a great influence on what defines security. By default, I defer to Darwinism, in believing that women will pick whatever is socially acceptable at the time of the need to conceive a child.

Our current society values power over intellect, and that's why powerful men are surrounded by their choice of women. This is not to say intelligence is not valued - it's merely to suggest that intelligence not used to gain power is generally overlooked. Intelligence does not guarantee any kind of security in modern society. Power does. (Shame, really. I rather wish I was brought up in the Renaissance, personally.. where the pen was indeed mightier than the sword).


Do I think with my penis? Hell yes I do. Otherwise, a woman would have no chance at all to balance the equation.

Ultimately, it is the woman's choice of mate. OH, sure, I can "peacock" myself out to gain her attention, use my wits to cut some corners, gain entry into her "protectionist" thinking, but, at the end of the day, she's going to decide to open her legs to me or not.

That's the woman's power. Do all women realize they have this power? Certainly NOT. They're not teaching this in school, ya know.

What about the "Cosmo" girls, et al? Very simple, really. Power, as it were, is currently held by men in society. Those who seek to gain their attention must appeal to them. Since societal inklings are determined by those in power, it's a reasonable evolution that "Fads" are simply those things that were used by the powerseekers to gain attention from the powerholders.

Bell bottoms? Corny. Hip huggers? Hot. Flat abs? That's nice.. but, I'll take flat abs on a swimmer's physique much faster than I will take it on an anorexic girl.

Before I get called a chauvinist (I prefer "old fashioned, kthx") and a sexist pig (see previous comment), that men hold power goes back to primitive instinct.

Primitive instinct for men is .. pretty much the same "4 F's" of drinking: Forage, Fight, Fuck and something else, I forget. We are hunters and gatherers by instinct. Male dogs mark territory with pee, we mark it with a pickett fence, a desk, a parking spot and a hot chick on our arm.

Those who cheat, and are abusive? Or the observation that men generally hold power in society? You women let us get away with that. I am not into any of that shit, but I was raised .. as I told you.. old fashioned. Maybe you, gentle reader, do not allow anyone to lay a hand on you, but .. remember.. there's a shortage of men, the odds are in our favor, and ultimately, for every one of you that says, "Get out, bastard!", there's 5 of you who put up with that shit, relinquish all your intuitive power to the man; all in the name of "security". A false security, no doubt, but instinct is not perfect and cultural influences are notably overwhelming at times.

Yea. So. In short: Men hold the power, and women - potentially - have control over men. It's not a woman's 'instinct' to do more than nest, therefore, as goes the flow of things, this is how humans are built, and regardless of individual advances here and there; this arrangement is going to remain constant so long as our DNA remains the same.

Do we think with our penis? Yup. It's instinct. However, women possess the intuitive nature to overwhelm our instinct, to appeal to our "protective" nature, our "territorial" inclinations. The thinking with our penis makes it easier for women.

Do they know it? I suspect a third of women do, and use to their advantage. I suspect another third of women know they have the power, but do not know how to use it. And I suspect the last third of women will read this and go "WTF are you talking about, Bill?"


Anyway, I WANT to be turned on by a woman, LONG before I consider whether she and I can hold a conversation, enjoy the same movies, or whatever. I WANT a woman that I know will be absolute bliss in the bedroom, who can get me hard just by a glance or a whisper in my ear, or a touch (in a less than obvious spot).

Whoo. Do I miss that. I see pictures of women on here, that ..they may not even be "hot", per se, but they have a look in their eyes, or a skin quality, or just their general shape/features really appeals to me. (As you might suspect, that I am still joined, they never respond to my witticisms or winks).

I think, for the most part, men that are confident in themselves, WANT to be pussy-whipped. We KNOW we can go out and conquer the world IF WE HAVE TO, but.. *snap*.. (begin sarcastic tone) "oh darn, I have to go make my lady feel secure".. because, yea that sucks. (end sarcastic tone).

Sure, given the chance, I would ab-so-pos-i-tive-ly sleep with any little hottie I could. All in the search for the one that will bring my power to bear, make me want to stay home instead of "conquering". Otherwise, it's instinct to hunt. To gather. To conquer.

And it's the little monster that determines that path.

Society puts a label on it, says it's wrong.

Fuck society. Society isn't always right. Society once said the world was flat. Now they're saying that we should be in touch with our femininity. Piss on that. Saying our instincts are bad, or denying that they are instincts - doesn't change our DNA.

Just my two cents, of course. Keep the change. Have a nice day.

~ Bill, Coyote.

boniboiy 51M
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6/28/2007 10:42 pm

i think only 5/10% of women realize they have this power over men; i'm still waiting for the woman who tells me, you fit all my requirements vis a vis intellect level physical shape nice smile and pleasant face...let's see your teeth...they'll do; now get down on your knees and grovel a bit; then we'll make love; sign here, its your soul, while you're with me it's in consign; by the way did i mention no penetration before my requirements are satisfied; yes cecilia yes yes yes; when i am not in a relationship i find practically every woman i come across attractive; in other words i would like to screw each woman i see; how darwinian

boniboiy 51M
827 posts
6/28/2007 10:44 pm

forage fight fuck and "flump" in front of a tv???

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