I'm just a copycat!  

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9/10/2005 3:23 am

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I'm just a copycat!

I saw that the recent trend is to post 50 things about yourself - I'd thot I'd try it, it's harder than you think.

1I am blonde.
2I act like it, even tho I'm pretty smart.
3I like Annie Fanny cartoons.
4I like RocknRoll.
5I like Blues.
6My favorite color changes.
7I have dark green eyes.
8I always think I need to lose weight, no matterwhat.
9I can speak pig-latin.
10I can kind of speak Spanish, is there a kind of catagory?
11My favorite song is "Blurry" by Puddle of Mud.
12I also love "She fuckin hates me" by PoM.
13My new favorite song is by Green Day - "Wake me up when September ends"
14My theme song is "I May Be Crazy" but I can't remember if that is really the title,nor do I remember the author!
15I love good music.
16I have great breasts - 36D or 38CorD, depending on the style of the bra.
17I like to drink.
18I like to drink a lot!
19I like to blog.
20I like cheese omelets with tomatoes and onions.
21My favorite liquor is Jager.
22I like red-headed sluts and Jager-bombs, but not together!
23I wear a size 7 shoe.
24I think I am totally in the norm in many things.
25I shop at Wal-mart!
26I can bake wonderful bread and rolls, but I don't except for holidays because they're fattening.
27I love to fuck men, as opposed to inanimate objects, altho I have been know to masturbate with a stuffed doll.
28I have two favorite long-sleeved button-up shirts to wear when I'm cold or when I'm cold and naked - one is a dark green heavy shirt of my dad's, the other is a blue work shirt that belonged to my father-in-law.(Do I have a Daddy fantasy?)
29I have a Daddy fantasy - Surprise!
30I sometimes stay up extremely late on weekends.
31I love to shop.
32I love to buy shoes.
33I have very eclectic tastes in many areas.
34I like to speed a little.
35I've gotten two warnings and one ticket!
36I now own a radar detector - good idea.
37I like to dance.
38I have two dogs and two cats...more pets now than children!
39I have two grown children and a son-in-law.
40I'm having a hard time thinking of things.
41I shave my pubs, but leave a little tuft.
42I'm not a gifted speller and check my spelling constantly.
43I like erotic porn, something different with a, yes - gasp, plot.
44I think reality is defined by each individual.
45I'm not sure we aren't in the matrix, in a way.
46I love God.
47I'm hot for Angels.
48I may not be in the norm in some ways.
49I paint my finger nails and toe nails constantly.
50I like to be tied up!

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