Hot night in the country.... (continued) ;)  

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8/11/2005 7:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hot night in the country.... (continued) ;)

Let's see... where was I? Oh yeah, I had changed into a pink bustier that snapped in the back and really made my boobs look GOOD! With that, I was wearing a G-string and you could totally see through it. (Now you got the picture?)

I was pole dancing with two other ladies similarly attired. We weren't probably doing any traditional pole dancing moves, but we were

New Info/Experience on Pole Dancing Cumming to YOU in a blog SOON!
sure trying and writhing our bodies in a sensual manner, no one seemed to be complaining!

When the song was over, we sat down at a big table for eight. The two other 'dancers' joined their spouses, and I joined my husband. The other couple at the table had been talking to us all evening, and he seemed really interested in me. The kicker was his partner did not really seem to want to be there at all. Because of this, my husband and I had been trying to ditch them - we didn't want to be rude or anything, but we did want to meet a mutually interested and interesting couple for a little 'fun'.

Meanwhile, the other two couples had paired up and left the main room to go back to the 'get to know you better' room. We were left with an agressive male( OK, my fault, I had gotten him hot and horny). He asked me if I'd like to go back with him. Hmmm, he was cute and damn sincere! Maybe if this hadn't been our first time at a swing party, I would have gone... BUT it was our first time at a swing party and I did not want to leave my sweetheart in an uncomfortable situation. ('Ain't I a nice girl? )

So... I told him, I'd be glad to go if we could all (both couples) go back together. Unfortunately, at this point, his girlfriend - she wasn't even his wife - sort of had a hissy fit and they left. No problem, there were still plenty of available and interesting people left....

We ended up going back with an experienced couple who had done this before - in fact, they were friends with the owners and he was helping out tonight. He was the 'nice man' who had given us our tour when we first got there. I had danced with him earlier and he kept showing up around me. When I had shown my breasts earlier in the night to another guy, he had come up and told me he was jealous.. He and his wife were very cool, sexy, and seemed very interesting. So... everything turned up, oh, I mean out well.

The coolest part came later... When my sweet stud and I discussed what had happened, we found out that we had each gotten totally turned on by watching, listening, and sensing the other.

The whole thing is still and I suspect will continue to be a turn-on for both of us for quite some time. It has also opened us up to some new adventures..


And of course I was wearing my lucky shoes!

myhornyhubby 51M/50F
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8/17/2005 4:16 pm

Hi Claudette, stombled across your blog some how.. and I have to say, very interesting reading. It was inspiring to me as I am where you once were... thinking about going to a place like a swing club, thinking about what it might be like to be with another man while my man is with his woman... We have been married nearly 20 years and I finally am at a point where I feel comfortable with my self, my life, etc., to say yes to what I have always said no to. Thank you for sharing your experience. There is a swing club here in my town that I have been thinking on going to. Guess I need to stop thinking about it huh!


Claudette33 106M/106F

8/21/2005 12:24 am

Lori - Thanks for the comment. You should go once and see what you think. Just make sure that you are both comfortable and have set some 'guidelines' that work for you. For instance, the night we went, we told each other that if we didn't feel like getting together with another couple, that we didn't have to. Also, we had talked about that we could always just 'make out' in some way with each other that was more risque (like a blow job) and that this would be exciting, too. It can be a very interesting and stimulating experience if you think you're ready for it!


myhornyhubby 51M/50F
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8/22/2005 5:57 am

I agree. Going to watch & see how things "work" should not be a commitment to join in unless I / we want to. Of course I could see the hubby being all eager to join in period... lol But I think that giving him a blow job there... would be exciting & risque & should be enough, if that's all I wanted to do. He teases me about the glory hole.. says that he wants me to go in there with him & suck his balls while he gets his dick sucked... THEN he wants me to suck cock while he's in the room with me. ... ... ... ... ... ...
Things for me to ponder. Wish I could find another couple to go with for the company... might help break the tension? Who knows!

Claudette33 106M/106F

9/5/2005 4:50 pm

Horny - we should all four go together sometime!


slipparychuck 64M
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10/12/2007 6:55 am

Hi Claudett
I have just one question?two ackually two.
Where is this place and how often do you go?


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