Do you fantasize during sex?  

Claudette33 106M/106F
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8/6/2005 4:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do you fantasize during sex?

Women and Men - admit it, don't we all fantasize during sex?

Especially you couples who have been married a while, you know you do! It just adds that element of the unforbidden....

Let's not forget the singles out there, I remember fantasizing all the time while I pleasured myself - oh yeah, I still do!

So that's leads to another topic - If you are imagining you're fucking someone, can that man or woman feel you? You know, your brain waves...and these waves give her, or him the sensation of ....

Coming Issue: "What is MORE POWERFUL -
The Brain-fuck or the Real-fuck?

ANYWAY... these are just my esoteric thoughts.



8/11/2005 1:56 pm

I think we all fantisize during sex. I know I do. I know that the more passionate & errotic the encounter is, the less my mind is on someone or something else other than the one I'm with. My current girlfriend had all of my attention during lovemaking for the first year of our relationship. Now, my mind is wandering to her girlfriends. Is that wrong? I can't help it!

Claudette33 106M/106F

8/11/2005 4:58 pm

DOUWNT2 - I think that's normal. I know I never fantasize if my husband is tying me up, or at least, not unless he uses the blindfold!

Really though, I think that's what led us to this site - trying to keep and create passion. You've got to work at a relationship to keep it exciting! I should know, we've been married 28 years!

Good Luck spicing things up! Thanks for the comment!


(Princess Lips)

8/17/2005 10:26 am

The brain fuck , like the eye fuck, is very powerful....


Claudette33 106M/106F

9/5/2005 4:38 pm

Red - I used to brain-fuck many people all the time. I sometimes felt like they could sense this, but never had it confirmed. Now the eye-fuck, I had forgotten that and it is totally REAL and can lead to real fucking so is much more productive and sexually profitable!!


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