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3/29/2006 3:00 am

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Excellent Day

Wow, what a day. Got up early had a shower and a shave, put on my smartest suit and headed for work. The morning flew by and soon it was lunchtime. I had a moments hesitation before heading out the office to drop in on J, but then I decided lifes to short for regrets so I got into the company car and headed off. Although it was only a couple of miles away it took a bit of finding - it was on the junction of two roads so I couldn't find the address. I must have driven past a half dozen times, luckily I wasn't stopped for kerb crawling! Eventually I found it, parked up on the road outside and feeling like a kid on a first date headed for the front door.

I rang the bell a couple of times and was beginning to think I had got the wrong house afterall when the door finally opened. Disaster, it wasn't J. It was a young woman in her early twenties. I told her who I was and that I was looking for J. She says to come in as she is her daughter and she has heard all about me! Is that good or bad? She even thanks me for being so kind to her Mum the other day. She shows me into the front room where I finally find J sitting watching daytime TV. She stands up to greet me, but instead of the usual slightly formal hi we exchange at work she gives me a slight hug and kiss on the cheek. I rapidly explain that I was just passing and thought I would look in and see how she is feeling and take her up on that coffee. She leads me through to the kitchen and puts the kettle on. She explains her daughter has popped round to pick the last of her stuff up and will be heading out soon. Now maybe I'm an optimist but I'm sure I see a smile on her face as she's telling me this fact together with the information that her husband is working late shift. we take our coffees back into the front room and chat about the crap on TV, her daughter moving out, the house, work, the job, her daughters boyfriend, etc, etc. After fifteen minutes her daughter shouts to say she is leaving and will call later. J goes to say goodbye and close the door. When she comes back she asks if I would like a look around the house so I said sure - afterall we had been discussing it earlier.

We did the downstairs areas pretty quickly as I'd seen quite a lot of the place while the coffee was being prepared. Then we head upstairs. We looked in her daughters bedroom (now virtually empty), the spare room and the bathroom - big corner jacuzzi bath and then into the master bedroom. It was really nice big bed covered in soft cuddly toy animals, large mirrored wardrobes along one wall, a big chair in the corner and colour coordinated curtains. I made some polite comment about the decor and how this must be a great room to hang out in. J tells me she doesn't normally spend a lot of time in here during the day as there is no TV. I made a joke about you make your own entertainment in a room like this and we both laughed. She asked me what I thought of the cuddly toys and did I think it was too much for someone with a daughter in her twenties to still have them all on the bed. I told her that whatever worked for her was fine as it was, after all, her room. She clibmed onto the bed and embraced all the toys letting out a bit of a low moan and telling them she loved them all. I laughed and asked her if she would like me to leave as it seemed she wanted to be alone with these guys. She rolled onto her back and said no that was the last thing she wanted and suggested I join her on the bed as it would be a more comfortable place to continue chatting. Believe me I didn't need a second invite. I took my jacket off, placed it on the chair and stretched out on the bed.

The conversation initially picked up the topic we were discussing downstairs but fairly quickly moved onto out 'photo shoot' of the other day. I said that her bedroom would be the ideal location for some raunchy pics. With that she leaned across to the bedside table, opened a drawer and took out a photo album. 'Been there, done that' she said and passed me the album. As I opened the cover my heart was thumping so loud I thought it would burst. Inside was page after page of J in some of the most erotic poses I have ever seen. In most of them she was wearing (only just) lingerie, but towards the back were some where she was wearing short leather skirts, nurses outfits and some really tight rubber dresses. I told her she had a great body and that her and her husband must have a great sexual relationship. She said they just liked to enjoy each other and that they were quite open and relaxed about things. Then she dropped the bombshell, 'Would you like me to pose for you like that?' I didn't think the words 'Yes please' could come out of my mouth so quick.

J told me to sit in the chair, watch and enjoy. Now up to this point all I would have said about what she was wearing was that it was a light grey tracksuit and she had a lemon T-shirt underneath. Fairly baggy, no shape, but comfortable. She unzipped the top, took it off and I could see immediately she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples looked about an inch long and they were very, very hard. She slipped out of the bottoms to reveal a white lace thong that barely covered her pussy and dissappeared into the firm crack between her arse cheeks. She knelt on the bed arse facing me and spread her cheeks, she ran her hand over her breasts causing the material to go taught over her nipples, she rubbed her pussy over the flimsy material of her thong. It was amazing, the atmosphere was electric and I could feel my cock growing with each move she made. 'Would you like to see some more?' she asked. I just nodded, my throat was so dry I don't think I could have said anything anyway. In one swift easy movement she had taken off the t-shirt and her naked breasts came into view. They were gorgeous, not too small, not too large, perfect to play with and with nipples that looked delicious to suck. She licked her fingers and rolled each nipple between her finger and thumb. Her nipples were already hard and erect but they seemed to grow another half inch at her touch. She slowly slid a hand down towards her pussy but this time her fingers went inside the material. 'Could you help me off with this?' she asked me, 'They look great but they can be like a cats cradle to get off sometimes'. With a slight tremble in my hands I took hold of both sides of the thong and eased it off her hips, down past her knees and off completely. In this position my face was about two or three feet from her pussy and it looked absolutely gorgeous. 'I love shaved pussy' I said. 'Well why don't you lick mine?' was the reply. I needed no further encouragement as I buried my face against her warm wetness. My tongue licked and kissed, my fingers probed, I sucked, I nibbled. J was writhing and moaning, playing with her breasts. God I love eating appreciative pussy. I started to move my tongue up her body, my fingers kept attention on her clitoris. I sucked each nipple, circling with my tongue. We kissed. Long deep, sensual kisses. Her hips were fucking my fingers, her lips were fucking my face. She reached down and freed my bulging cock. Her hands gripped it tightly and pulled it towards her pussy. I slid into her in one stroke, she was so wet. Our bodies moved together in the most mind blowing sex I have ever had. Afterwards she sucked me until I was hard again and I took her from behind, kneeling on the bed, watching me slide into her wetness in the wardrobe mirrors.

I eventually left at about four in the afternoon, so it was one helluva long lunch break. J and I have agreed to meet up again over the next few days for a repeat session. We talked about having sex at work, a shared thrill for both of us it seems. We have even talked about introducing our partners - my wife and I have swapped a couple of times, but I'm not sure she would like the idea that I was already banging J before she was introduced. J thinks her husband would be up for it, who knows. It sure as hell beats working though.

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