The Clown gets lucky wooohooo ;)  

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10/7/2005 8:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Clown gets lucky wooohooo ;)

Well i thought it be a normal day, I came home from work, cooked my dinner and took a long shower before heading to bed, but there was a knock at my door and my ex- girlfriend was there and she wanted to talk to me... she was upset about something ( sorry I'm a good guy I don't want to share her problems with the world ya know ) So I asked her to come in and we did some talkin and she seem happy that i took the time to listen to her and well we got onto other things and soon she was totally herself and seemed like that problem of hers was no where in sight... ( a good thing I like My visitors to be laughin )....

Well it was funny she came from the gym and was still in her work out clothes.... you got to love a sports bra and tight sweats she looked absoultly delicious....

Anyways... we were talkin in the kitchen and she said something really funny and well in the moment I put her in a fire-man's carry... and started to slap her butt.... not hard but playful.... she was laughing and so was I and asked me to stop... I said no and slapped her butt again ... I expected her to slap me back but instead of that she unexpectedly unzip my fly and started to dig her toungue into my zipper.... okay this was getting me hott so I slapped her again playfully.... by this time she had my member in her mouth and started to give me and I'll tell one of the BEST blow-job I ever had.... Well when this was goingon hey I took the chance and i pulled her up above my face and started to play with her hotspot with my toungue.... you got to love women who wear sweats those were off ad aside in no time and we were doing a standing 69 in the kitchen.... She was wearing a black thong, which made the process even easier

To this day she still had the sweetest box I ever tasted and this time she was actually trimmmed... a first ( when we were going out she never shaved it ) which was a total turn on for me....

As i was doing some magic with my toungue... she was working my cock like she never did before... she never could actually take me all in before... but folks... WOW!!! She did this time!!!!! I was throated good.... and man I can't even explain how it felt.. cause I'm still in shock

Well to make a long story short our antics headed to the bedroom and we had some really hard sex for 4-5 hours.... She made me get it up 7 times.... and she came for 6 of them... now that was an exausting love session!!!

Funny thing was I was walking a little funny cause of it after... and someone that I worked with last nite noticed it and asked if i was okay.... all I could say was hell yeah it was a good day Be well folks

and as always a @--->---- to the beautiful females that may read my thoughts...

Be well C...

rm_1hotmama4u69 46F

2/15/2006 10:32 am

if the sex is so good and she keeps cumming back,then why are you apart?

toocute40 55F

3/2/2006 7:15 pm

I am sitting here and checking out the happy club ya calls a dick..I GOTTA ask the same Chuckles..WHY are u and her NOT together??

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