Keeping it real :)  

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8/10/2005 6:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Keeping it real :)

I wonder why men persist on me to change my outlook on sexual encounters, I usually get 3-5 e-mails a day and yes 95% of them are from men.

Doesn't anyone read the profiles? I do , and Respect everyone's profiles and preferences, if they are looking for say 18-30 I don't bother them, if they don't like smokers, I don't bother them. I read and digest every profile I encounter, guess others don't do that, they look at the pics and say lets hook up or something cheesy like that.

Men, Please get the hint, when I said "straight" in the profile I ment it

Although if I'm a couples suituation something different can happen you never know.. but as for guys and one on one with them ... sorry not my cup of tea...

I'm also asked why there are no pictures of my face in the profile, well I wish to be discreet, and also in a very public job and do not wish to compromise it. ( funny though I seen 1 or 2 people that i have worked with in the past on the site and I keep it private).

Privacy is a good thing lets keep it that way.

Things are looking up though, I recieved a mail from someone that would like to "hang-out" and yeah I'm a total fan of hanging out so maybe it'll be a good thing

Again Guys, Sorry but this clown is Straight, and unless you look good in a purple thong... don't bother lol

Be well peeps and a @--->----- to any beautiful lady that may read my thoughts

Be well C.

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