Hmmm.... Just Wondering ??? :)  

ChucklesTheClown 49M
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5/7/2005 5:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hmmm.... Just Wondering ??? :)

I've been thinking this for a bit and just wondering , How many people actually had good expreiences from this venue, I've been on 5 meets and well to be honest 1 was good, the other 4 people lied about themselves and thus the meet did not go well....

I know I'm truthful about myself and try to relay it to everyone I talk with, I try to be real I'm just the average joe, no superstar, looks wise, but then again I do take care of myself, clean, neat, an all around good boy look

I relay that to all who are interested, seems like though they just like the pic "downstairs"of me... Hey well so be it if you like it you like it...

I'm just saying Hey no matter what, being real is in folks, Don't lie about yourself, no need to send someone else's picture, just be honest about yourself and it goes a long way....

I have a hard time meeting people because of my work schedule, and i do tell everyone about it, just be honest!!!

Well Be well Peeps and have a wonderful weekend

And A @--->---- to the beautiful ladies that may read this

Be Well C.

LustGoddess2469 50F  
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5/7/2005 6:16 am

I'll never understand why some people do that. I mean, do they really think that you're not gonna notice that they aren't the same person as in the pictures they sent you? Or that the picture they sent you was 10 years and 100 pounds ago? Or back before they lost all of their teeth and hair? LOL I'm no super model or anything and I only post and/or send recent pictures of me. I am what I am and if someone doesn't like it or they aren't attracted to me for what I have, then that's fine. But I will NEVER misrepresent myself in order to try and meet someone. Let's keep it real.


Lapkin4u 42F

5/7/2005 7:15 am

I agree with Lusty 1000%. There is no point in lying about what and who you are......I am completely honest with everyone that i speak to....I know that not everyone will be attracted to me but there are plenty of others who will be. I would rather someone know exactly who they are dealing with right off the bat because that way I know they are into me and not some fantasy of who i am supposed to be.

pussnboots694 73M/78F

5/7/2005 4:03 pm

we never send pics on line, we always meet people in person, that way you know what you are getting, we have had many great encounters, and only a few that we did not click with, for us we enjoy meeting people, so we always have fun, even if we don't end up doing the naughty stuff.

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