Symptom of what?  

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11/20/2005 10:17 pm

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Symptom of what?

Several years ago I was in a very serious, long-term love relationship. We broke up under unfortunate circumstances, however about six months before we broke up I took a greater interest in pornography and other women in general than I'd had previously.

I wasn't really sure why it was happening but I suspected it was because my lover and I were drifting apart. I never actually cheated on her but I did entertain the notion several times.

In an earlier blog entry I asked people whether or not and how they would introduce a new non-AdultFriendFinder lover to their AdultFriendFinder friends and received a number of interesting responses. One gentlemen asked what I would do if the tables were turned and admonished me to be honest about living the AdultFriendFinder "lifestyle".

I'd never actually suggested that I would be dishonest about anything. I am honest as a rule and do not lie to people. But, more importantly, I think that were I to enter a committed love relationship I would not be living the AdultFriendFinder "lifestyle" at all. It's one thing to exchange e-mails and phone calls with pals; it's another to meet people in hopes of possibly starting a sexual relationship with them.

This brings me to the actual topic of this post. I suspect that an interest in sex with people other than one's committed lover is a symptom that something is wrong with or not working in the primary relationship.

I've heard/read many opinions on this topic from some very smart people who are happily polyamorous and I've tried hard to make sense of them. For me, however, I've only been looking to stray when things were on a downhill slide.

What about you?

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