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Choozmi 50M
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6/16/2006 12:00 am

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6/27/2006 11:06 pm

Questions for you

* Was your best lover also the love of your life? Why or why not?

* If you had to choose to be one or the other for the rest of your life, would you rather be considered beautiful/handsome or "hot"? Why? (Come on, you know there's a difference.)

* What makes a good kiss? What makes a bad one?

* Why didn't you call him/her?

* What do you wish you knew at sixteen that you know now?

* Have you ever liked someone so much that you wished you could fall in love with them even though it wasn't really happening between you two? What did you do about it?

* When is dancing just dancing and when is it something more?

Hippink 35F
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6/18/2006 6:27 am

Best Lover... yes. My husband! Definiely the love of my life!

I'd rather be beautiful. It's a more general term, describing the entire being, inside and out, while "HOT" just means the view is appealing and makes ya want to have sex with the "HOT" person.
I'm usually described as being "HOT" but I suppose that's OK, as those he tell me I'm hot are here on this site. The ones who matter, like my husband and my former lover, Square, told me often that I am beautiful.

Good kiss: open, deep, tongues sliding gently over each other occasionally, lips eager and searching, sighs escaping.....
Bad kiss: well, I know what it would be like to kiss a vacuum cleaner. That was a BAD kiss. They don't mean it literally when they say "suck-face!!!" TOO MUCH tongue is BAD, too. Flickering the tongue, trying to gag me with it, all BAD.

The only reason I wouldn't call is because either I didn't feel a connection, or I could tell that he didn't.

At 16? I dunno. I wouldn't want to change much, I s'pose. I could say I wish I'd waited to lose my virginity, but I'm actually quite happy with how my sexual life turned out, even though I lost my virgnity in a pretty un-romantic way. So, I wouldn't change what I knew then. I am "me" because of my experiences.

I've never pressured myself into trying to feel something for someone that I didn't. There were times that I knew a guy liked me a lot more than I liked him, so I gave an extra effort to TRY to like him more... but if it doesn't happen naturally, there's no point. There were times I tried to make a man fall in love with me, even though it was obvious he wasn't going to. Eventually, I woke up and gave up.

Dancing is JUST dancing when I'm dancing with a friend who KNOWS we're just friends. Or, when someone asks me to dance, and I'm not attracted to him/her.
The rest of the time... it's a prelude to sex. I'm trying to see how he moves, how uninhibited, see how willing he is to please me by looking like he's enjoying himself, and if he's able to look at me whle dancing, it shows he's got a bit of confidence and interested in ME. How a guy dances tells a lot about him. I don't mean he has to be Travolta... just pays attention to me and has fun with it.
Hippie XXX

rm_kalanchoe88 54F

6/23/2006 3:33 pm

1. Don't know yet.
2. Beautiful - but not just skin deep.
3. Good kisses start gently, and only go deeper if he feels a response. Bad kisses go where he wants regardless of the response.
4. No chemistry, no curiosity or (I'm ashamed to admit) lack of basic vocabulary or grammar (e.g. G.W.Bush).
5. That the church of my childhood wasn't the truth.
6. No, I've never tried to fall in love. It develops on its own.
7. Again, don't know yet. But there's a new thought - Dancing - Hhmmm. Will have to try that.

I enjoyed the questions.

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