Don't go changin'  

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4/21/2006 11:12 am

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Don't go changin'

Finding someone you love who loves you back is miraculous.

If both people are sane and worthwhile, then I believe the focus should be on enjoying each other's good qualities, not trying to change the undesirable ones.

I've emerged from some relationships and "undone" many of the changes that the ex encouraged me to make because deep down I didn't really think they were necessary. And look -- I'm still in one piece, still have friends, still get dates occasionally, etc., so maybe I was okay the way I was!

I think the exciting thing is to watch a partner evolve and become who they are going to be. A person who feels loved and supported has the best chance of discovering their strengths and talents and becoming their best self.

Imagine how you would feel if someone was trying to change your child. You would most likely say, "Hey, leave him alone! If he wants to wear those clothes, that's none of your business! If he wants his hair over his ears, fine! He can be whatever he wants."

Saying "I like it when you wear your hair flatter" is NOT the same as saying "I don't like your clothes", by the way.


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