Am I "holy" or "wholly"?  

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6/8/2006 3:48 am

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Am I "holy" or "wholly"?

Some of you reading this may know that I call myself Catholic. It's how I was raised and it's the religion I know best.

I disagree with a lot of Catholic doctrine.

I am pro-choice, for example, although I do hope a woman would consider putting the baby up for adoption rather than getting an abortion. But since I don't have a womb, I don't think it's my place to make decisions about how others use their wombs.

I believe homosexuality is as blessed by God as any other form of love, romatic or otherwise. Of course they should be able to get married, raise children, and enjoy all the other benefits that straight people do.

I do not see anything wrong with sex outside marriage. (Duh! Look where I'm writing this!) I of course do not condone sex with or between minors.

I believe that women should be given a role in the church equal to that of men, including the priesthood all the way up to the papacy.

I believe divorce, while not something I would wish on anyone, is not wrong in and of itself and I think the idea that a marriage has to be anulled before a person can marry again is ludicrous.

I do not believe shame should be used as a way to guide people down a path to holiness.

Having said all that, I must also say that I find Christianity and Catholicism to be very beautiful and generally sound. To be blunt, Jesus was a pretty great guy and He had a lot of wisdom to share.

My struggles are probably very familiar to most people. I'll list them as a series of choices:

* Is there a plan for my life or am I simply given a set of talents and personality traits and expected to sink or swim wholly on my own? (I lean toward the latter.)

* Does the concept of a "life partner" make any sense at all or should I focus on finding friendship and romance in the short term and enjoy things while they last? (Although I realize that our society encourages and blesses the search for a "soul mate" -- as does the Catholic Church, of course -- I'm starting to think it's like chasing a rainbow. Death, divorce, addiction, infidelity, and other tragedies can strike at any time and leave one not only mateless but soulless.)

* Is monogamy a natural state? (When I've been deeply in love in the past I've not been seriously tempted by partners beyond my lover but sites like this and some of the people I've met through them make me wonder how mating is actually "supposed" to work.)

* Is hard work more valuable than thoughtful work? Is the eight hour day too long, too short, or just right? Is the full-time forty-hour job the only way? (I get bored spending all my time on one task and then I feel guilty about being bored.)

* Is an addiction an automatic death sentence or do addictions even exist? Do twelve-step programs work? If not, what does? (I have no addictions but I have loved addicts and often wonder if their addictions make them "toxic" to me. No, I'm not in denial -- I'm really not addicted to anything.)

* Is there evil? Is there a force of evil somewhere? Is the concept of evil merely intended to absolve us of our responsibility for our own worst actions? Do evil acts stain our souls permanently?

* Given that the mass is the primary style of worship in the Catholic Church, does the fact that I find mass boring and don't go very often mean that I'm in danger of losing my faith even though I spend hours serving the church through several volunteer organizations and by participating in church-related prayer services? (It sounds like I've just answered this one, doesn't it?)

* If God is all-powerful, of what possible use to Him/Her could worship from a bunch of humans be? Doesn't "proclaiming the glory of God" go completely against most Christian ideals of humility? Isn't God above needing praise? If so, what does God need from us, if anything? Are we being trained for a greater, more complex and responsible existence in a world beyond this one? Are we being trained to become angels or perhaps gods ourselves?

Okay... that's enough for today.

Any thoughts?

MaggiesWishes 60F

6/8/2006 3:31 pm

Basic human needs, desires and thoughts. All this is valid in your life. The answer you seek, are there for you to choose.

My question is ... IF freedom is what we fight for, why is more of our freedoms being taken away, watched, listen to and voted against?

I can only live for the freedom of myself, my soul and be the best that I can be and not make judgements I can't live with.

warm huggies 2ya sugg's

Hippink 35F
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6/8/2006 8:36 pm

HOLY Crap!

Although religions such as Catholicism will teach you that you're going to Hell if you don't follow their rules implicitly, *I* believe that each individual has their own right to chose what they believe and how they want to live their lives.

Most of Catholicism's rules are out-dated and impractical, and go against human nature, trying to control things that cannot be controlled. It's the bane of man... trying to CONTROL everything. It's what the upper-class men of power have always sought to achieve.


Then they wonder why everything keeps blowing up in their faces.

Civility and being well-educated today has changed it's meaning. Now, it means acceptance and awe in things that cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, there are so many people and religions who want to stay "old School."
Ah well, they'll die out eventually.

I always wondered why God needed us to get up on Sunday mornings and throw all our spare change into a dish that was passed around. What the heck does HE/SHE care? If we're supposed to have God in our thoughts at all times, then what does it matter where we are? What does HE/SHE need money for? It's a MAN-MADE thing that causes a helluva lotta evil.
Hippie XXX

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