Ahhh The Best Sex Ever  

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8/1/2006 3:33 pm

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Ahhh The Best Sex Ever

Thank you all for taking the time out to view my bloq. I want to share with you all one of my favorite sexual experiences. This is quite recent in terms of calendar years but it definately ranks up in my top five experiences. This encounter took place with a very close friend and as we all know it is rather taboo that you have any sexual relations with a person whom you consider to be a friend. But nonetheless we went out for a usual friday night of bar hopping. We arrived at a local bar in Moreno Valley named Bahama Mama's and ordered roughly about $200 bucks in liquor. After the drinks kicked in I was grabbed up by a bar parton to dance and proceeded to the dance floor to do some quality ass shaking. My friend noticed the chemistry that me and this attractive young lady had on the dance floor and I caught her right in the act and sucking down quite a few Buttery Nipple shots. I was dancing with this attractive woman but wrecklessly eyeballing my friend to ensure that she wasnt going overboard. My friend then made her way to the dancefloor and got right behind me while the other girl was in front.Not that this came as a surprise because afterall its just dancing.. ( Right!! )She warpped her arms around me in a way that really made me raise an eyebrow to her. Her and the other girl began competing for my attention on the dancefloor. It put me in a weird space because I know my friend but I didnt know this other woman. So I decided to continue to dance with my friend. As the deejay played the latest hits our movements got much more sentual to where this became a showup match right there on the dancefloor. I knew it wasnt the liquor talking this was personal. Our bodies starting touching in a matter that some would say simulated certain sex acts. We both had a look in our eyes that gave off the aura of take me i'm yours. As fate would have it it was time for the club to close and all parties to head home.

She had parked her car at a nearby mini mall so I could drop her at her car and she could proceed home from there (at her discrection might I add) I walked her over to her car and before we could even say a word to each other..... our lips touched... they were the softest and most perhaps the most sentual lips I had ever had the pleasure of tasting. our tongues lapped in perfect rhythm our hands began caressing each others body parts. We were thrusted into the backseat of her vehicle by nothing more than sheer passion. I tore off her clothes and she tore off mine.. there we stood naked before each other in full presentation. She body was glowing with passion She had never been with a Black male and her curiosity was definately at a climax but there was no turning back now. She pushed me against the seat and grabbed my " Chocolate Rod " in full clutch. I closed my eyes in anticipation and thats when I felt it... her velvet tongue. Keep in mind I love a good dick sucking but this was a dick sucking like never before. She made love to it she had a sucking rhythm that was beyond words. She would lick, suck, then slowly pull. She looked me dead in my eyes as if to say " Is this what you want Baby " It takes me quite a while to reach orgasm through oral sex and she put forth the time and effort that went into that. She sucked for at least a good 25 minutes before I blew a load. I asked myself how do you top that? Its simple.. we climbed out of the car totally in the nude I planted her on the hood of her car.. spreaded her legs and dove in head first. I lapped her labia taking down her juices feeling her thrust her hot pussy into my face. the funny thing about it is was you can feel the heat of the sun coming up around us but that didnt stop me from giving her the most toe curling orgasm she had ever felt.. I felt her legs start to tremble.. her back arching and fingernails digging into my back. I looked up and our eyes met right at the point of climax.. she gasped and blurted out.. " Baby your gonna make me cum " and I said " Cum for me baby " I felt the warm sensation of her frustration, her tension, her repression and her passion for me shoot out of her pussy to where it weakened her to the point where her body went limp. It was 5:05am in the morning and we layed on the hood of her car right on the corner of Florida ave and Lyon Ave.. You may wonder why was there no penetration? How could that be the best sex ever? People its simple when you have feeling for someone satisfaction is simple.

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