Various questions for you to answer... no really please answer these with a post.  

Choco_kitty 37F
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11/14/2005 6:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Various questions for you to answer... no really please answer these with a post.

Are 1 night stands a bad thing?

Is more than a mouthful a waste?

How many partners is too many?

When you are "pleasing" yourself, how long does it take for you to climax?

If you had to choose to either live to the age of 80 with the body of a 30 year old or the mind of a 30 year old, which would you choose?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

My Answers:

1 night stands are not bad.

The bigger, the better.

Usually not more than 7 minutes.

What good would the body be if you didn't know what to do with it or what was going on? So definitley the mind.

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

RicanSkimsWafer 54M
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11/14/2005 6:53 pm

I've been trying real hard to advance to a mind of a 30yo, but I don't think I'll ever make it. So, I choose body.

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

11/14/2005 6:55 pm

1 - Depends on if it's me doing it, or Bozo the Clown.

2 - Nope.

3 - 1,000

4 - Depends on my motivation.

5 - Give me the mind, please.

6 - A cord methinks ... someone named Charles told me that.


bear77344 60M
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11/16/2005 8:53 am

1) One night stands aren't bad. Not ideal though
2) No "too much of everything is just enough"
3) If/When a person starts feeling bad about the number of partners he's/she's had, that's too many.
4) It varies greatly
5) Hmmm having the body of a 30 year old and alzheimers wouldn't do me much good so I guess a mind
6) I go with Lil on this one, a cord sounds right (and that's alot of wood!)

CubedPyoidSlots 45M
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11/20/2005 12:48 am

1. Only if you regret them.....
2. Nope...not at all.
3. When you forget the names while you're fucking, its been too many......
4. depends on the fantasy...sometimes 5 min ..sometimes 15....
5. The body...The mind is a terrible thing to waste...
6. Why chuck it ...when you can be layin it to someone!!!

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