About me in a 100 numbers or less  

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10/25/2005 5:08 pm

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About me in a 100 numbers or less

So I have to give credit where credit is due. I was reading the blog of SexySquirterGirl and I came across her post with this subject. I tried not to read too many of her #'s just for the fact that I didn't want duplicate facts. Here's me in 100 #'s or less:

1. I'd rather be cold than hot
2. I was called an "Oreo" throughout elementary and Jr. High (black on the outside, white inside)
3. I love meat (steak, ham, porkchops, chicken)
4. I don't get along w/ my mother
5. I'm addicted to T.V.
6. I'm addicted to chapstick
7. I love the smell of clean clothes
8. The sound of a motorcycle (crotch rocket) gets me excited
9. I've been told I have a proper speaking voice
10. I'm goofy
11. I crack myself up
12. My favorite # is 13
13. I was born in the Bronx N.Y.
14. I was raised in So. California
15. I hate my job
16. I am a procrastinator
17. I'm moody
18. I love to drive
19. My favorite flower is the gardenia
20. My favorite color is pink
21. I'm more attracted to girls than guys
22. I want 3 kids (1 down, 2 to go)
23. I love being in airports
24. I don't like the dark
25. I choose night over day
26. I have an over active imagination
27. I love B.D. Wongs character in Law and Order SVU
28. I love Australia
29. I love the idea of being in love
30. I try to get a pedicure every 2 weeks
31. I hate that Queer as Folk isn't on anymore
32. I want a miniature dachshund
33. When I clean my house I listen to techno
34. I hate silence
35. I fall asleep with the T.V. on
36. I use ringback tones for my cell phone
37. Even though I'm not a good runner, I love to run
38. I have 7 tattoos
39. I drive fast
40. I hate slow people in the fast lane
41. I love the snow
42. I sweat alot
43. I have freckles on my hands
44. My best friend in Kindergarten told me she wasn't allowed to have black people in her bed
45. I always cry when I watch Bridezilla's
46. I don't let my cat sleep in my room
47. After I set my alarm clock, I check it about 3 times
48. Right now my hands are cold
49. I could never be a vegetarian
50. I hate it when people use "to" when they should use "too"
51. I love accents
52. I love tall guys
53. In 6th grade I was the 3rd tallest kid at 5'3"
54. I don't understand how I've only grown 2 inches in the past 13 years
55. I'm glad I'm not super tall
56. I love vodka and cranberry juice
57. I can't drink blue Hawaiians or gold schlegger (spelling)
58. When I go out, my 1st drink is a long island
59. I've never "dated" a woman
60. I was engaged once
61. I never would've married him though
62. I'd choose white gold over yellow gold
63. I was stationed in the Middle East
64. I can't save money
65. I didn't get good grades in school
66. I used to be a telemarketer
67. I hate my natural hair
68. I think I look like a boy sometimes
69. I can't sing
70. I love to sing
71. My ring finger is a size 7
72. I want to work in a prison
73. I hate liars
74. I'm afraid of roller coasters, but love to ride
75. I get uneasy when I fly
76. I love starbucks
77. I don't like pickles on my cheeseburgers
78. I'm afraid of heights
79. I don't like to get my hands dirty
80. I wear a size 9 shoe
81. I'm wobbly in heels
82. I like to pick my daughters nose
83. My daughters laugh makes me laugh
84. I like to watch people dance
85. 1 of my favorite movies is Corrina Corrina
86. I think Neil Patrick Harris is my soul mate
87. I think I'm a dork
88. I'm allergic to Motrin
89. I've only had 1 cavity
90. My bathroom cabinet is full of face washes
91. I love Fossil watches
92. Justin Timberlake is my dream man
93. I don't like cocky people
94. I have 6 siblings
95. I am claustrophobic
96. I don't like to cook
97. I'm always complimented on my smile
98. I'm thankful for spell check
99. I love to read gossip magazines
100. I wish my boobs were smaller and perkier.

Wow. That was easier than I thought.....

rm_moohand 48F

11/9/2005 6:45 am

You are just normal

hot4mamis 47F

11/12/2005 7:37 pm

You made me smile. We have alot in common...
I bet you are a lot of fun and a good friend.

Choco_kitty 37F
2 posts
11/12/2005 9:56 pm

I'm glad that my list got you to smile. Would it be cocky if I said that I find myself hilarious? Cuz I really do.

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