About me and what finally brought me to this site  

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12/8/2005 10:39 am

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About me and what finally brought me to this site

This entry gets into insight about me and what brought me here. It may sound like a re-iteration and expansion of my profile, but I want to have it all in one place, specifically so I can track how my needs change in the future.

It's also the longest entry I will likely ever make.

This is as much for me to re-visit and analyze as it is for anyone else who may be interested in my psyche for whatever reason.

If you just popped in, got bored, and left, well, thanks for dropping by anyway.

If you don't care to learn about me, then just skip this one, ok?

I'll start by listing some of my traits, what I'm looking for, and finally, what motivations brought me here.

Let's see... the basics first:
I'm 100% straight
100% tolerant of others' right to be whatever they want (enough % )
Infatuated with bi-sexual women
I tend to use ten-dollar words when I speak or write, which I suspect gives people the impression that I'm tring to impress. Truth is, my grandmother was an grammar teacher and I was an english major. It just feels natural to me. I make just as many errors as anyone else. I still have to chant "I before E, except after C... just to spell "recieve". oh well.
I never lie except about presents. It sounds like a typical cliche, but it's gotten me in trouble all my life for some reason; especially when it involves clothing or hairstyles.
I've never hit anyone. (I punch holes in walls instead)
I'm pretty creative with spackle. I always get my securtiy deposit back.
I rarely get offended, except when someone says or does something hurtful or oppressive to others.
I find just about any topic interesting. Nothing is taboo.
I like people around me to be outgoing even though I come across as mostly passive. Truth is, it's just that I usually find everything equally interesting, and I like just going with the flow. I still have strong opinions.
I hate stereotypes and stereotyping, bigots, racists, and homophobes.
I'm not likely to post nude photos of myself, Im' a Voyuer, but not an exhibitionist.
I like women who are both. (and go both ways, of course)
I look at a lot of porn.
Would rather create photosets and have more sex.
I'm very eclectic in tastes, from the sophisticated to the simple, from the sexually sweet to the adventurous.

Ok, I'm going to combine motivations and what I'm looking for since they're tied so closely together.

The Past:
I was married a long time ago. Loved it. Felt whole. Devastated when it ended. Seems that as my passions rose, hers dwindled. Enough about that. Dug myself into a hole of social neglect that perpetuated itself with my natural shyness until I couldn't remember how to get out. Finally decided I didn't want such a negative influence to control my life anymore.

Took some time, but I got out of debt, bought a house, and along the way gained exceptional expertise and respect in my profession, and put the past truly in the past. Now I'm out to conquer that shy thing that's been with me since I was a teenager. It's funny, I can sit comfortably in a room with CEOs or Admirals, but when faced with a girl I find attractive, I might as well have acne and a pocket-protector. I'll probably always be at least partly shy, but I'm motivated to create bursts of conflict with this tendency. Joining this site is one of the outlets for this.

I chose an adult site mainly to interact with people with open and varying tastes. I've had enough of feeling like a depraved pervert because I'm not uptight.

While I always like a new friend, I'm hoping to find at least a little more even if it's just some casual flirting. Ultimately love to find one or more women to share fantasy and reality with some blending of the two.

Well it reads more like a profile than I intended, but as I add entries, this one will eventually slide down into obscurity.

Having a positve experience here. Love the magazine, especially the comments I read from the top posters.

Special thanks to Jusdewit8. Reading her bluntly honest blog motivated me to start my own writing. Check her out, she's amazing. If we lived closer, I'd love to be her everyday personal confidant.

Finis (finally. Brain mushy, Fingers tired)

Jusdewit8 53F

9/18/2007 12:29 am

Sweetie! Thanxxx!

I used to be Snow White -- but I drifted. ~~~Mae West

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