The price of vanity  

ChinRyder 39M
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9/2/2005 12:02 pm

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The price of vanity

Hilarious. My vanity has cost me again. I'm not talking about the cost of a new suit, those designer boots, or even that special gel that makes your hair look perfect. I'm talking about state issued traffic sitations. I got pulled over a week or so ago for not having put my registration sticker on my lisence plate. I had it in my glove box (must have been raining the day I got it) and so the office was a little disgruntled that he couldn't get me for that so instead he issued a sitation for not having the current address on my driver's lisence. No problem right, I just go and get a new one made and all charges are dropped. Well, I had just gotten my hair cut and my face was broken out last week so I decided to wait until today to get it done (determined to be the first to have a good pic on my lisence). Pic taken, no problem. Only now I have to drive all the way downtown to get it dropped b/c I waited too long and they can't mail it before the court date! $3.06 a gallon x 50 miles down and back + the inconvenience of having to go down there = I'm waiting 'till I have time to spare.

It's my own fault. Just gotta be perfect I guess. Anyway, let me know what you think of the pic. Oh, and a word of advice: Don't scratch your face just before they take the picture! I think I look like I'm stoned! So much for that one.

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