A change in the profile?  

ChinRyder 39M
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10/2/2005 2:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A change in the profile?

Last night I had a very long conversation with someone on this site. It went everywhere, from why we're here to what we were (or weren't) wearing. The weird thing was, throughout the entire conversation (we were instant messaging) this woman repeatedly told me that she wasn't interested in fucking me because we had gotten to know each other too well. Another suggestion she had was that if I was just looking for sex then I should just be blatantly obvious in my profile. To her it seemed confusing.

Now, I'm relatively new here and am still trying to figure things out. Since we're all here for similar reasons should I just cut to the chase and lay it all out on the line? A lot of blogs I've read on here are of women complaining that guys just send e-mails asking for a late night hook-up and enclose a picture of their cock. Obviously that's not what they want, but I wonder if that's the majority. I figured that just jumping in and talking dirty was inappropriate, but I could be wrong.

I don't know......this shit can be confusing! I'm looking for sex, plain and simple! But I guess it isn't that fucking simple b/c if it were I'd have met more people on here. I think I am going to change the profile, and separate into two halves. One is the dirty little freak in me and the other is the gentleman that can be polite and mannerly when necessary. I just hope everyone realizes that they are both one and the same.

Later that night, I had another episode of confusion. Someone in my network was online, so I told them to meet me in the chatroom to talk. I had communicated with this person through e-mail for two weeks before asking her if she wanted to meet. After that I never heard anything. I sent one or two other e-mails to see what was up, but to no avail. When I went into the chat room last night she gave me a pleasant hello and that she had been waiting for me. Then, without warning she ran off. Not logged out, but left the chat room. What the fuck!?!? If I'm that fucking bad why not drop out of my network?!?! I'd kick you out but I guess I'm hanging onto the pipe dream of you actually getting around to explaining yourself. (I should say herself- she's never bothered to read my blogs).

I look at what I write and wonder if I'm whining or on to something. I know I'm doing something right b/c I've met several people on here for conversation and sex, and they've come back for more. So do I just dismiss this shit? Fuck if I know.

In conclusion, if you get the chance check out my profile this week. I'm not going to change it right now because I'm afraid the frustration I'm having will leak through to the screen, and I don't want that. Maybe tomorrow I'll change it.

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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10/4/2005 5:01 pm

You know I really think that anyone who hasn't had the courage to speak directly to you about why they are not acknowledging you in a chat doesn't deserve the time you've given them thus far. As rude as that may sound, I am afraid it is my opinion. I also think that if they are true "friend" then she would be visiting your site regularly (SDA looks at floor shamefully knowing she has not done this as she should over last few days, looks up a Chin, smiles sweetly and begs forgiveness. Pouts sexily, "Forgive me?").

As far as the confusing messages from the girl you were on IM with, I would say either she was baiting you for your intentions or she was playing with your head (both of them). It seems that there are a lot of people on this site that enjoy doing things like that. (SDA wishes LV wasn't a 4 hour drive away right now, Chin could use a nice big hug and maybe a few kisses).

Well, if you choose to change your profile, you know I will be the first in line, full of all types of opinions on what I think about it. Aren't I always there for you in that aspect? Showing both sides of yourself, naughty and nice, would be interesting and might give all the ladies on the site a little more of an idea of what to expect from you. But then again, mystery goes along way too.

I have faith that you will make the right decision on the profile Chin. Which ever way you go, I'll stand behind you, and if I think you went too far or mad a bad choice. I'll let you know.

Always here for you, even if it takes me a little sometimes...


UvannaHumpalot 37F

10/6/2005 10:32 am

...i'm just here for the free beer!

UvannaHumpalot 37F

10/6/2005 10:35 am

..oh and furthermore..

personally, i think you should change your profile now......don't wait another second....(lol)

ChinRyder 39M
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10/6/2005 11:54 pm

Cute Hupalot. Change it b/c you want it is more like it! Made mention of your little theivery in my most recent blog. Yea! You're famous!!!! - *wink*

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