I love when he talks dirty.  

Chi_chobit 29F
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10/8/2005 12:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I love when he talks dirty.

Sorry i havent been using pictures because well i'm never on MY computer. But i'll continue with this post.

The other day I got to see my boyfriend. I went over to his hosue where his parents were still in Nachadoches or wherever and we had some pretty hot sex. We hadnt had sex in 2 wks so it was much anticipated. As he pushed his cock in and i whimpered out a few "ow's" and then moans and leaned down and told me he loved me. How sweet right? I love that man. Now on to the no holds barred fucking!

Later that night his family was asleep, his brother and sister in one room, his parents in the other, us in the living room, we layed down and he asked me to kiss his neck, he generally dosnt want me to so this suprised me and I kissed and licked and nibbled away, he turns off the light and slides his hands down my highschool Pe shorts (i'm still fresh outta highschool guys lol) and he begins massaging my pussy and teasing my clit. I'm a very LOUD person, especially sexually and I move my hips to meet with his fingers and moans escape my little mouth as he leans over, breaths hot air into my ear (oh i love this) and whispers "I want to fuck you so bad" this is from a guy who blushes when he says cock. I mean his last girlfriend was as I call a Dead Lay. I mean she didnt move there was no interesting-ness whatever. So when i told him I like a man to talk dirty he agreed to try it, and ever since then, it makes me want to straddle his face and fuck him raw. When i suck his dick he moans my name, he tells me how much he loves to have me suck his cock, and now he tells me how much he wants to fuck me. I cant wait for him to start talking while he fucks me.

I talk when he fucks me but i have to be careful i'm way to hardcore, and if i start talking then he'll cum too soon. I've found this out because without talking he can go for hours. But once i open my pretty little mouth and spurt out some dirty lines, begging him to fuck my tight little pussy, he's stopping himself.

I bet he'll bust a nut right then and there when I beg him to fuck my ass. Hehe, i'm good at begging.

anyway...i'll be online more often.

Enjoy it!

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10/8/2005 2:02 am


Idunno135 33M

10/9/2005 6:31 am

>>I mean his last girlfriend was as I call a Dead Lay. I mean she didnt move there was no interesting-ness whatever.

I know that feeling...

Chi_chobit 29F

10/10/2005 8:01 pm

I'm sorry dear. I know the feeling and its no fun at all. I'm so glad my boyfriend opened up sexually. Be good and hope you didn't miss me too much while I was evacuating.

just love

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