Dark,sensual music makes me want to fuck a pale skinned person.  

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7/8/2005 5:14 am

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Dark,sensual music makes me want to fuck a pale skinned person.

The other day, i met a friend of a friend(James). He was a little strange at first, but he offered to pay for my food, and i agreed. The second time i met him things didnt go so well because he got into an argument with a friend, and assumed i hated him as well as my friend. I didnt want James to think i hated him so i decided to talk to him and clear away any thought that i may dislike him. As i talked to him i noticed we had a great deal of interests in common. Every book or movie ive ever seen he's seen it too and we feel the same about so many things. And suddenly...im attracted to him. I dont know where it came from, i guess his respect for women and his compatability with me, sent me thrue the roof. I got a little sexier then i should and began to drown him with pictures of me, to which he enjoyed so no harm. That night i also find out the friend who introduced us, has the hots for him. So I felt kind of bad for being interested in a guy my friend was interested in as well. But we talked and everything and he bluntly told me that i would be his and he'd make sure of that.

So i got to hangout with him yesterday with a group of my friends and as he talked, even to other people i sat across from him and he couldnt take his eyes off of me. It was so obvious i DONT know why my friend didnt get upset. He just stared at me and i was engulfed in his voice and just the way he looked. I could envision straddling him at the table with everyone around and grinding myself against him. The mere thought sent shivers down my spine even though i zoned out thrue part of his stories all i could think about what how much i wanted him right then. But took a deep breath of the smokey air and shook it off.
As we all started to pay for the meal my friend went outside with him and looked as though she was waiting on some sort of kiss. Which didnt happen. I came outside a few minutes later and he greeted me and we roughhoused for a while till he playfully tackled me into a 3ft ditch of rain water (it was raining and this is what us small-town texans do, like a mating dance HAHA) anyway...as he tackled me it seemed as though time stopped and my body floated thrue the air in his arms and for that minute i wished everyone was gone and thought more of the things i could do to him after we hit the water. My mind rushed and i couldnt help but moan. Its only been a week and a half since ive had sex but my body is craving it. As we parted ways, the entire carride home i could only think of passionate lovemaking and dirty loud fuck scessions. His arms covered in tattoos things rilled me up quite a bit. I couldnt help myself to feeling so weak in the knees. His respect for women will interfere with the way my vagina wants to act. I feel as though if we hangout it will have to be him keeping me off of him instead of the usual me keepin men off of me.

I'm such a horny girl.

The night was only then topped when i saw a 70 year old mans penis hanging out of his propped up leg in the reastuarnt in a booth behind us. I was apalled at what I had seen. Somthign tell me he knew it was out. Its more of those texas mating dances i suppose.

This guy (james) has already told me outright how he feels and how him and my friend wont work because they know some of the same people and how those people would put a strain on their relationship. Should i continue what i REALLY want to continue...or should I just forget about it and let her take a swing when i know he dosnt want her.

Idunno135 33M

7/15/2005 5:46 pm

Man this sounds like deja vu. I have similar problems with a female friend of mine.

PS: You have sexy pictures, some are downright exciting to me... Wish I could see more. ^^

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