Common fantasies don't fit all...  

Chi1guy 48M
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4/8/2005 9:46 am

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Common fantasies don't fit all...

As I explore AdultFriendFinder more and more, I get a lot of questions - "What are you looking for?", "How big is it?", "Have you met anyone else on here?", "How long can you last?", and my favorite, "What's your biggest sexual fantasy?"...

I guess one of the most common sexual fantasies for males (not all males, but this one seems to be the most mentioned), is for 1 lucky guy to be with 2 lucky girls. Sure, the visual of such an event is certainly...Appealing. I'm as much a freak (or more) as the other guys, but this particular fantasy has always had me a little intimidated.

Not that I would worry about being able to please both, but there's a certain "focus" that I enjoy in sex that would be lost. I really get into being lost in another, where every cell of my being is solely directed and focused on another. I'm not saying that having two at once wouldn't be fun, but there certainly will be times when one isn't getting the exact amount of attention as the other two are. Mentally for me, it seems like too much distraction.

I've had offers to partake in such an experience, but as of yet haven't jumped in. Maybe I'm old fashioned...But I truly love that singular connection where all of the sensuality, the teasing, the build-up, the anticipation, and the communication (verbal, body, and emotional) is with that one person...Again, I'm sure it would be fun, but I fear not as fulfilling.

Am I a little weird? Or are there others who believe that three's a crowd?

rm_bikerguy9 56M

4/20/2005 5:57 pm

There is a comic, (I forget his name), that said he has never had a fantasy about having two women. He couldn't stand waking up after having disappointed TWO women!

Chi1guy 48M
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4/21/2005 2:15 pm


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