Chapter Two: Pismo Beach  

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Chapter Two: Pismo Beach

She had remembered the short walk to her favorite restaurant from her hotel the last time she stayed there… so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the same hotel again. Well except for the fact that the restaurant was no longer where she had last left it and the entire area had evolved while she had been away! LOL

What had she been thinking? Of course, it would evolve and develop… after all nothing stays the same, not even her beloved Pismo Beach.

Well that was that, she'd have to just drop in and see if she could find some accommodations that would suit her needs for the length of time she wished to stay.

Driving down Ocean View Avenue during lunch hour was not what she had expected. Surprisingly enough the streets weren't over crowded and the traffic was very doable.

Looking through the small Shoppe’s and corner pharmacies just made her day. There was enough here to lose herself for a few relaxing days and readjust to being alone again. Time to re-center herself in the knowledge that what she was doing was not only right for herself, but it was right for him too. Even if she had to keep repeating it to herself.

Soon she came up to the Sea Venture Resort and decided to pull in. It looked wonderful, large and better still uncrowded. She couldn't wait to check in and disappear from sight.
Checking in was easy enough and the Lady at the desk showed her a monitor of the different style rooms they had available, that made her decision much easier.

She chose a garden green suite with an ocean side view and a king sized bed with extra pillows. She loved pillows on a king sized bed; it just made her feel all comfy and cozy like. Like a little girl on top of Mommy & Daddy’s bed, where she most likely wasn't supposed to be! LOL

That was the mischievousness in her playful spirit, something she'd miss when it was time for her to leave this vessel, or would she? (She wondered)

Setting her two small bags down, one for her toiletries and the other her meager clothing she decided to get into a nice hot bath and start this off the right way. Entering the bathroom she noticed the Jacuzzi tub, it was humongous! This was gonna be such a treat from the past 3 months and she really could use the hot massage, she reasoned with herself.

Turning on the water and walking back out into the main room of the garden suite, she took a good long look around. Finding it in good order and very pleasant within the owners choice in colors, textures and materials she was quit satisfied with her choice of accommodations.

*To be continued

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