Your beautiful - my lover.  

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6/6/2006 6:57 am

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Your beautiful - my lover.

Subject: Lover record.

To Whom It May Concern:
Jane Doe was my lover for almost three months. During that time Jane & I made love in many & various positions.
Our love making included the usual missionary, doggy & spoons positions as well as creative variations of the legs-over and closed legs style favored by adventurous lovers in Nth. Africa and some parts of the Middle-east. Janes youth belied the practiced ease with which she involved herself in love making & I felt that her willingness to partake in new and unusual techniques such as those involving warmed chocolate and caramel sauce and certain varieties of unripened fruit spoke volumes for her imaginative & precocious love making style.
I have to confess that love making bouts of over three hours including up to two hours of actual penetration that had me ejaculate 3 times and left me almost completely physically and emotionally spent hardly seemed to dampen Janes ardour at all, but by far this lady’s finest talent lay in her astonishingly natural ability to perform fellatio. Done with a practiced ease and an eloquence rarely found in women at all let alone one so young. Jane involved herself in fellatio with such passion and enthusiastic willingness that I pause to shudder as I think about it (and I often do). The techniques employed by Jane whilst “giving head” should form the basis of a very thorough and enlightened manual providing even devotees with a guide to attaining the pinnacle of success in this most enjoyable art. Believe me when performed like that, it truly is a form of art.
My one true regret of course is that whilst Jane was so tender and patient with me when I wasn’t able to keep up with her passion , I never felt I was able to satisfy her in the way that she would have expected and deserved to be satisfied. But I at least left her with the certain knowledge that she had been made love to by someone who truly loved and accepted her for what she is… A most dynamic & remarkable woman. I Thank her for opening my eyes to what romantic love and romantic love making are.
Love always,
(A blind man could see, I was in love with her...but she wasn't in love with me)

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9/19/2006 6:55 pm

Hi, i came back because i wanted to read this again, i love the descriptive way you have worded this. wondering how your healing process is going? i've had many similar experiences, although, i can never understand how guys throw away the great sex, company, laughter and good times together, because they think they are in love. why does it have to change, why are restrictions placed upon you when love enters the room? no one wants to hurt another, or see them suffer, it takes a part of my heart and soul every time i walk away from the men i share with. leaves me in a state of confusion, they seem so strong and sure, i believe their truth that they only want a buddy,no strings, why does it have to change and cause pain?
sorry am rambling, would love for you to answer some of my queries if you feel able,cheers

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