Sex, over rated?  

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8/16/2006 7:18 am
Sex, over rated?

Sometimes I wonder if SEX is over rated...

Granted, when a MAN (I can only speak of what I know) cums, he really looses control of EVERYTHING for those few moments of "extasy"... It is great and all...

But my one regret in life was to EVER have sex to begin with... Because you CANT MISS WHAT YOU NEVER HAD...

Foreplay is great and all, but it isnt for everyone... BELIEVE ME... I don't mind a BJ, but any longer than 5 minutes is a WASTE OF MY TIME... It is just not my thing... I don't mind sucking pussy so long the FLAVOUR is good... If it is good I will be down there for a good while..

Anyways... What do you all think?

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