I need your help... Part 3  

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4/10/2005 8:10 pm

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I need your help... Part 3

If you read parts one and two you will know that several years ago I missed my chance to ask out the ultimate babe. She didn't reject me, I just missed my chance to ask her out, and the next time I saw her she had a boyfriend...

So I did what any reasonable guy would do. I scraped up my shattered hopes and dreams, chucked them into a dark pocket, and chucked that pocket into the back of a dark cupboard. I then shagged two of her closest friends, dated another one, and have pretty much spent bugger all time single since. Of course, nor has she…

As I mentioned, she is the ultimate babe. I don’t mean just physically, although still every time I see her I have to consciously close my mouth. She is fantastic in every way. So naturally, she has not spent much time single. But last year, she became single. We had by this time spent about 10 years living in different cities, but still caught up every now and then. She became single about 3 weeks before I was going to see her, and for just a moment I thought “What if…”

Naturally though I banished that thought pretty quick, because of course I am not single. So when I got down there, and met her new fella, I was not too dismayed. Then we didn’t see each other for quite a while, during which time she had quite a few things in her life go wrong. Now ultimate babe or not, she is still a great friend, so naturally I wanted to help. We caught up at Christmas, but everything was happening, and we never really got much of a chance to talk. Being a good friend, I made a weekend in January to go down and spend time with her. Well, actually, it was going to be a dinner with her, and a lot of time with a lot of other neglected friends. But that dinner was first, and at it she told me she had dumped the latest fella the night before. The other friends all pretty much stayed neglected. Not entirely, but I spent every night in her (spare, I have a girlfriend) bed. And of course, there were a lot of long hugs good night, and good morning, and see you later.

I sent her a thankyou present with a little note the next day, and she said that the note made her cry. All it said was that she was precious to me, so I was a bit surprised, but pretty happy as well, because I had thought she would think I was just spinning it. You see, I take a certain sort of pride in coming up with the smoothest lines at the right time, and she knows it. She knows I do it to everyone, but I had thought she just assumed that since I didn’t mean it with them I didn’t mean it with her either. Of course, I do. Always. But I didn’t think she knew that.

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