New Machine....  

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6/13/2006 6:02 pm
New Machine....

I am presently working on a Super Nemesis that I have named, "Night Stalker", she is as usual rabidly bi, and is built on the same lines as the original Nemesis, but she's bigger, heavier, and more powerful.

Sometimes with machines as with other things I have come to understand that more is sometimes better. I have always tried to keep the size and weight of the machines down to make them less intimidating,less cumbersome, and easier to hide. That isn't always the best idea. Sometimes people are looking for something truly impressive and awesome in both appearance and voice, and they aren't worried about shipping costs and hiding the thing in a broom closet.

I'll post pictures when I am done. I am looking at another couple of experimenters dropping by this weekend, so I will be able to figure out if this thing is all that I think she is right away. The Cabbage is going to love this piece as it is sort of aimed at ladies like her machine wise. There isn't much subtlety or grace but it's a ton of power in a very solid frame.

Shaping up to be a dark, dangerous beast. Damn, sometimes I love my job....

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