As it turns out  

Charmingoldguy 62M
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1/17/2006 5:40 pm

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8/12/2006 6:57 pm

As it turns out

It was a pretty good weekend...went to a meet and greet here locally. It was very well attended and met some interesting people. Here's hoping that some future meetings will work out.

Even if nothing develops it was still a good time. But I do have a question for everyone about meet and greets. Seems that here at least a number of people forget the "Adult" part of AdultFriendFinder and don't behave like adults. I will admit that it is amusing for a while it none the less can make for some uncomfortable incidents. Don't get me wrong, I like to flirt and have fun but as an adult not as an 18 year old at a strip club...
Ok well that is about it. I suspect that if anyone locally reads my blog that I will not be the most popular guy at the next meet and greet..but oh well so it goes.

That is it from the cheap seats, all y'all place nice.

sassybelle21 32F
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1/17/2006 5:59 pm

Well some of them just never grow up and mature so what can I say?

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