things to know about me....  

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 47F
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11/2/2005 5:46 pm
things to know about me....

ok, i'm soooo fucking bored. i've been in bed for 4 days now and going stir crazy! i just want to go back to work! (ouch, did i just say that??)

1. i haven't eaten a green veggie since my father made me.

2. when i was a little girl - like 7 or 8 i got caught letting my neighbor girl-child suckle at my nipples. i was pretending to breast feed.

3. i've been grounded for life 3 different times. (1) lighting gunpowder (2) eating poisonious berries on purpose (3) taking a crap on the side of jimmy's house to get him in trouble.

4. i gave my first blow job in the 5th grade, in the alley no doubt

5. i love to sing, but have a terrible voice. and once i trust you, i'll sing loudly to you

6. my favorite bartender calls me funny jenny, and that's why she's my fav

7. i'm still best friends with a girl i tried to beat up in 1983.

8. my sister is the person that i admire most in the world...and i have 2 sisters and i'll never tell which one i admire, and which one i think is a little nuts...haha.

9. i love crown candy kitchens' ice cream. the firehouse special is my favorite, without the nuts though

10. unless i have fingernail polish on my nails, i'll bite them.

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