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CharlieOnTheMTA_ 47F
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11/22/2005 9:02 pm
girl talk

ok (so, do i start all blogs entries w/ ok...), i was out with the girls. these are the girls that i don't really like. well, one girl i love. she's the one i tried to beat up in 1983. they run in a different crowd then me. an "uppity" crowd. concerned w/ their dress, their cars, how much money one makes... my friend is not caught up in this crowd, but her boyfriend is one. oh, he's a great guy. but he and his friends are all moneied. big money. like their friends are the owners of the rams and the blues. she's loves him - been w/ him for 16 years. i just don't like most of the females that go along with it. so every once in a while i go out w/ them.

we, she and i. exchange gag gifts all the time. funny stuff, things that tickle our fancy. she burns me great cd's and i buy her funny books. well, she bought me a funny book... let me backtrack by saying she knows of my activities on AdultFriendFinder.... anyway, my present tonight was a book.... and as my shocked eyes read the title and the author she saw recognition in them... "down and dirty sex secrets" by tristan taormino. i started laughing and of course everyone wanted to know why.... well, i'm not one to hold back. i'm an honest lass. and i have to admit that i got a perverse pleasure out of telling them about AdultFriendFinder.

why don't you just go on match or e harmony? they all wanted to know. i said why bother, it all comes down to the same... sex....

so why don't more women just acknowlege it? i've posted before how i don't understand my friends and how they internet date.

isn't AdultFriendFinder the same? i meet guys, some i have sex with, some i date, and some i never see again. it's a two way street.

what i like about this web site is most that i've encountered are honest about their expectations. and if it's not what you want... then it's bound to be what you might want the next time.

i love AdultFriendFinder. i'm addicted. it makes me feel good, and bad sometimes. it always makes me feel. and usually i know what the expectations are.

see ya.

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