craving sunday morning sex....  

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 47F
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11/13/2005 5:59 am
craving sunday morning sex....

it's early. sunday morning early. my puppy wakes me up so early. gone are the weekends where i can sleep, or just stay in bed are read for as long as i prefer.

not only does he wake me up at the the crack of dawn, but he wants to stay up and play w/ the cat. chase her and bark at her. its very disconcerting.

anyway, i wake up wanting sex. i'm a morning sex type of person...well, i love sex at anytime, but the morning is what i crave...and never get. see, i'm the type of person that likes to sleep alone. guess it derives from not being married, but i prefer it now. i like the middle of the bed. if i ever get married, we're ugrading to a

so, it's sunday morning, 6am and i'm on the couch typing this and wishing that i was getting my puss ate. i have 4 hours to kill before i have to go. and i really wish that i had someone here.

i want to wake up to a man slowly entering me from behind. i want to wake up feeling wet from the night before. ready for sex. ready to be made love to. maybe that's why i never let men spend the night...cuz it's sex at night, and making love during the light...hmmm, i think i've stumbled upon something here my dear diary.

i want his long body curved behind me, spooning me as he slowly works his long cock deep into me. has he reaches around and strokes my breasts. cups my breast in his beautiful hand, his thumb grazing my nipple. i want to hear him whispering in my ear, i want to hear his brogue once see, in this fantasy of mine. this sunday morning want is always with the same man... so darlin, if your reading this, come to me. come spend the night and wake up and make love to me. i want you, but you already know that don't you...

rm_dg728 45M
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11/16/2005 1:05 pm


i've read all of your blog entries i'll keep reading your entries.

amazing woman u r!

have a great day and stay warm tonite.


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