MASTURBATION....from a (almost) 37 year old's view  

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 47F
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2/19/2006 4:45 pm
MASTURBATION....from a (almost) 37 year old's view

i started masturbaing about 5 years ago. i'm 37! what in the hell took me so long to start? i love it as much as i love my toaster oven (i can't believe i lived w/o that for so long either).

i've always been super sex charged. i played very serious doctor in my younger years, let my collie lick me when i was 8 or 9. gave my first blow job in 8th grade and had sex a year later.

loosing my virtiny was well planned. jimmy had been my boyfriend for a year. we planned the day, lunch and what we were going to wear. i thought about how were very adult about it we're being as i rode my blue 10 speed swinn over to his age 15. we're still friends, and almost until he was married we celebrated once a year. i love him, he'll always be that one for me...and me for him.

any, this set the course of my sexual life. early active, and active my entire life. 37-15= 22 years of sex. my lord! i love sex. was always craving more than what i was getting. i was never a cheater. not once did i ever go behind a back. but i have had only 2 serious relationships in my life. and i'm almost 37. i was hard to satify. until one man.

he satisfied me. as he was the first one to give me an orgasm. it was the first time i ever felt a true o. i always thought i had been having them, and maybe i was having small o's. but he gave me the big one. it was only after we broke up that i began masturbating.

which leads me back to the original point of this blog - because sometimes i wonder if i'm the odd female out. but i am sure there are other females that are like me. i've talked to numerous friends that didn't begin to understand their bodies until they were in their 30's.

don't get me wrong, my 20's were a lot of fun, and i did some wild things, but sex in my 30's is a sensation. i masterbate all the time. i love having a partner, but sometimes, the vibrator is all i want. easy, guaranteed, i can vary it's speed.

so that is the long, short of how i came to become a master at masturbating,,, how i can now make myself squirt, or produce a creamy cum, or sometimes no cum at all - - but a deep, deep hard clench of my stomach muscles and i can feel it to my core cum...

rm_gatewayguy1 58M
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11/21/2006 6:08 pm

Vibrators might be good and in some cases even better, but they can't take you out to dinner and keep the walls rattling till sunrise!

all_night_stayer 52M
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2/21/2006 4:11 pm

Cum with me any time hun .... xxx

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