A Walk in the Park (it's long)  

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A Walk in the Park (it's long)

A Walk in the Park
Part I ‒ The Path

An Erotic Short Story

For about an hour, I had been walking along a little used and very wooded trail at a park not far from where I live. The skies had become gray with clouds, signaling the upcoming rain. I decided it was time to turn around and head back to my car before the down pour came. After about 15 minutes of walking back to my car, I saw her. She was like an angel, so beautiful, just sitting there on a rock sticking out over the trail. She looked down at me and smiled. “Hi there,” I said, the nervousness showing in my cracking voice, as I have always had a problem talking to gorgeous women. She said “hi” back to me, but never took her eyes off me.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful this woman was. Long curly red hair, a short skirt showing off her sexy slender legs, and a tightly fitting short shirt that accentuated her large round breasts. There was a decent cool breeze blowing through the woods, and I could by her erect nipples that she was chilled.

I mustered up the strength to speak again saying “getting a little chilly with the coming rain.” “So I see you noticed my head lights are on,” she coyly said. I must have blushed, “well, no, I was, uh,” she saved me from having to stumble on through the rest of that sentence. “It’s OK; I know I’m not quite dressed for hiking.”

Her voice was so pleasant, the more she talked, the more comfortable I felt. “So what brings you out here if not for hiking,” I asked. “Well,” she started to explain, “it’s kind of a long story.” I looked down at my watch, “I don’t have anywhere to be for about 36 hours,” I jokingly said. She laughed and said “alright, if you really want to know.” She patted a spot on the rock next to her, “have a seat.” I felt nervous again, didn’t say anything, but walked around the rock and climbed up it to sit next to her.

“So what’s your story” I asked. “My boyfriend,” she said. I started to look around, thinking he might be nearby. She noticed, saying “don’t worry; he’s off fucking his ex.” “Oh,” I said, “I’m sorry to hear that.” “Don’t be,” she said, “he’s a prick, I just never though he was a cheating prick.” “How did you find out,” I asked. She sighed and placed a hand on my knee, “you know, I don’t even want to talk about him anymore, I’m done with him. What about you, why are you out here.” She hadn’t taken her hand off my knee, and my voice cracked a little as I said “oh, nothing special, I just like to come out here and talk a walk every now and then.” She slid her hand a little further up my leg and said with a very sexy voice “well then this is your lucky walking day.”

She didn’t give me a chance to say anything, not that I would have tried to stop her, but she just leaned right on in and kissed me on the lips. “Something wrong,” she asked. “No,” I muttered, “I just wasn’t expecting anything like this.” “Then let me make you feel a little more at ease.” She moved her hand on up my leg to my crotch, petting the tent that was growing in my jeans. “Felling better,” she asked. “Yeah.”

I moved in to give her a kiss, and she pulled back, pulling her hand of my now stiff crotch rocket. “Not so fast, I need to do something first.” She put both arms around her back and undid the string keeping her skimpy shirt on. “That’s better,” she said as she exposed the most amazing pair of tits I had ever seen in person. “Wow” was all I could mutter. “You like,” she asked. “Oh yes,” I said, sounding way too excited. “They’re my 36Cs, my pride and joy,” she proudly said. I slowly raised a hand to cup her breast, admiring her beauty. Her breasts were very perky, perfectly rounded, with erect quarter inch nipples standing tall in her light brown areolas. I gained the courage to move my other hand to her other breast, and started to rub her nipples. “Mmm, that feels good,” she said. Now fully knowing what she wanted, I moved in to kiss her breasts. I kissed around her large mounds, flicking my tongue over her nipples, moving from one breast to the other. She moaned with pleasure as I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, licking the tip of it as I sucked on it. “That feels so good,” she said. My jaw almost dropped with what she said next; “I want to suck on something of yours now.”

Her hands returned to my crotch, rubbing my penis through my pants. I took my shirt off as she unhooked my pants button and slid the zipper down. She reached inside and grabbed my pole, pulling it out into the open. “That looks so tasty,” she said as she positioned herself and moved her head down to my cock. She licked along the shaft and I moaned loudly. “Hold on,” she said, “not too fast.” She continued licking the shaft of my raging hard on, rubbing my balls with her free hand. She then moved to the head of my penis and licked around the rim. I was already in heaven as she kissed the head of my penis.

My cock disappeared inside her mouth right after that. She didn’t waste time getting into a rhythm, acting as though she had been starving for cock. She rubbed my balls with one hand, and stroked my shaft with the other in motion with her bobbing head. Her mouth was so warm and wet; the sounds of her suction on my penis seemed to echo through the woods. But I didn’t care if anyone heard; this was the best blow job I had ever had!

I reached over and placed my hand between her legs. Her skirt was so short; I didn’t have to lift very far to get my hand at her hot box. To my pleasant surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I rubbed around her pussy, feeling her smooth skin, and without seeing, knew her pussy was shaved. She looked at me with her sexy green eyes and smiled with my cock still inside her mouth. My fingers went back and forth from infiltrating her hot and already wet pussy to rubbing her clit. Without a conscious effort, my other hand started to fondle one of her perfect breasts.

We were both moaning with pleasure and her pussy was dripping wet. I just had to taste her, but I didn’t want the greatest blow job of my life to end just yet. The solution was simple. I started to pull softly on her ass, moving her rear end towards me. She straddled my face and I admired the beauty and shape of her butt before I dug into her soft snatch. I wish I had a picture of her ass, it was curved in such a wonderful way, if you followed it up and back to the beginning of her ass crack, it took on the shape of a heart.

But enough looking, I buried my face between her legs. Licking her pussy with such a lascivious delight, she moaned loudly. Her pussy tasted and smelled so good, I could have eaten her for hours. She giggled with delight as my tongue found her clit, her juices running down my chin. I must have been getting her good, because after only about ten minutes of dinning on her hot cunt, she said “I can’t take it any more, I need your cock in me NOW!”

I wasn’t about to deny her. I started to get up and she pushed down on my chest. “Stay there,” she demanded, “I’m fucking you!” I could hardly believe it, this was the most incredible woman I had ever met in my life. She stood up beside me and turned to face me. She looked down as she stepped one foot across my midsection. She was so gorgeous, towering over her prize. She bent over at her waist and put both hands on my chest. She then slowly started to lower her ass, inching ever closer to my stiff rod, her sex filled eyes locked on mine the whole time. She never even reached back for my cock. When she felt the tip touch her, she started to gyrate her hips, positioning the tip of my love gun at the entrance to her pleasure palace. “This is fuckin’ awesome,” I said. “It sure is, hon, and it’s about to get a whole let better,” she responded.

She lowered herself onto me, slowly impaling her body onto my spear. “Oh my gawd,” I groaned loudly. She giggled again at this, and then turned all business once she had completely sat down on my throbbing cock. She closed her eyes as she tilted her head back and let out a deep sigh, as if she had finally received what she had been so longing for. She began to rise up just to lower herself back down onto me. She was fucking me, and I was fucking loving it!

She started fucking me slowly, but soon picked up her speed, rocking back and forth as she was going up and down. I put my hands under her ass cheeks to give her support, not wanting her legs to tire. When she felt my hands on her ass, she looked back down at me with such a sexy grin, I just knew she was about to really fuck me now.

And oh my, did she ever. Her pace picked up so quickly. She was bouncing up and down on me so fast, jamming my cock deep inside her pussy. I squeezed her ass cheeks hard, not wanting to loose my grip on them. I watched her tits bounce up and down as she bounced up and down on my cock. The sound of her ass slapping against was so erotic, I knew I would cum soon. I was afraid it would be too soon, but her pussy had taken enough pleasure itself.

Her legs began to twitch and she was groaning wildly. “Oh gawd, I’m about to cum,” I proclaimed, not knowing if she wanted my hot creamy love juice inside her burning twat. “Shit yes! Cum in me, baby, fill my pussy full of your sticky cum!” Hearing her say the word cum was it, I closed my eyes and let out a groan that sent birds flying from their perches high up in the surrounding trees.

My first load of cum sent her into a wild orgasm. She dug her fingernails into my chest and with one final thrust, slammed her pussy down as hard as she could on my cock. My second shot of cum unloaded into her pussy as she drove her knees into my sides, her legs twitching madly. She kept groaning “oh yes, oh god yes” as her hips rocked back and forth, savoring her orgasm and draining every last drop of cum she could from my spent cock.

I pulled her forward, kissing her passionately, our tongues finding their way into each other’s mouths. “That was incredible,” she said. “Hell yes it was,” I responded. We lay there on top of the rock for a few minutes and kissed, my cum covered cock still inside her cum filled pussy.

Rain drops started to fall, bringing us back into reality. “We better get going,” I said, but not really wanting to. “Yeah,” she said, “we’re gonna get drenched as it is.” She stood up and we both smiled at each other as her pussy made a suction noise when it released my penis, as if it didn’t really want to let go. I stood up and pulled my pants up, fastened them, then put my shirt back on. I looked over at her and she was already as dressed as she was when I first saw her. “Good thing I didn’t wear any panties or they’d be getting soaked now,” she said. I laughed and then informed her “but at least my cum wouldn't be dripping down your legs.” She looked down to see my white sticky love juice slowly trickling its way down her slender sexy legs. “Ahh, fuck it,” she said, “I think your cum dripping down my legs looks sexy.”

I smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her back down to the path. We walked quickly, hand in hand, back towards the parking lot. The rain steadily increased and we started to hear thunder in the distance. Back at the parking lot, I looked around, “where’s your car,” I asked. “I didn’t drive,” she said, “one of my girlfriends dropped me off.” “When’s she coming to get you,” I asked, truly concerned. She grabbed my arm and looked at my watch, then said “Ehh, in an hour or so.” “Won’t she come early since it’s raining?” “No,” she said, “I told her if it started raining I’d just wait in one of the picnic shelter’s here.”

I had only just met her, but I certainly didn’t want to leave her alone in the rain and growing darkness for an hour. “Why don’t we wait for her together in my car?” She looked a little surprised at my offer. “You don’t have to do that,” she said. “I know, but I would like to,” I said to her even more surprised look. She smiled at me again, not with the lustful smile from just a while ago, but with a sweet, innocent smile, the kind that could melt a person’s heart. I wasn’t sure in the low light and rain, but I think she may have blushed.

I opened the passenger side door for her. She looked at me and said “what are we gonna do for an hour?” “I dunno,” I said, “take a nap, listen to the radio, I have some CDs, talk. I don’t even know your name.” She laughed as she sat down, saying “do you really wanna know my name.” “I sure do.”

I closed the door and went around to the driver’s side. As I got in I though to myself, “my seats are gonna be soaked from these drenched clothes.” Not knowing the chain of events that one thought would spark; I got in, closed the door behind me, and turned to the vision of beauty sitting beside me. “So, what’s your name?”

To be continued…

tatoo707 44F

8/31/2005 11:44 am

I can't wait to read the second part. Nice story anyway.

ladyinabotle 33F

9/4/2005 10:57 am

damn I hate to be continued stories... expecially when they get me as arroused as this one did.

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