World Cup - 3rd Day  

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6/11/2006 1:15 am
World Cup - 3rd Day

World Cup Update 11th June 2006

The third day of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany offers something for everyone, with three more European sides making their long-awaited entrances (Portugal, Serbia and Montenegro, and Netherlands), along with Asian side Iran

England managed to do their job against a poor Paraguay side, but the second half was not convincing

Beckham struck a well-taken free kick which came off the head of a defender and went in the net. The bloody ball would have gone in anyway it was hit so well and unstoppable, but it was technically an own goal.

Argentina ‒ cheated there way past a very impressive Ivory Coast side 2-1 ‒ but the Argies were lucky (Again). Us Brits love to see the Argies get a good stuffin almost as much as the Frogs. I think that all is not lost for Ivory Coast and I think they can still make it to the final stages ‒ I rate them as a good team.

Sweden did England a big favour in only managing a draw against another impressive performance by Trinidad and Tobago ‒ this is a side in England’s group that will prove hard to beat. Draws are no good for either side, so that must give England a big boost.

Poland are crap, being hammered by Ecuador ‒ and I see them on the plane back soon.

I am still on course, with wins for England and the Krauts

I eagerly wait todays games which see Holland take on Serbia and Portugal (My babies) take on

The Day Has To Belong To Us Though - ENGLAND

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