Trajan Stands Alone  

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6/2/2006 1:24 am

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Trajan Stands Alone

The Goddess that he once held a banner for has finally denounced him and no longer believes his word.

This is the final blow to the Emperor. Vapours actions have tarnished the honour for which he held so dear. Everything has been destroyed....

Trajan - Charles Avalon has ordered that all
Statues, books and writings be taken from the temple and placed in the new quarters which are now under construction.

The Senate has ordered him to prepare Pompeia
to go about the City at night and seek out a traitor and bring him to trail before Trajan. Trajan will then decide his fate.

Trajan has requested that the Senate approve supplies of Lorica Segmentata, Caliga, Scutum and Galeg for the Legion.

Trajan sits alone pondering on the mistakes made.
It is with a heavy heart that he makes ready his Legions....

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