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The good stuff

So, we're lying in bed naked talking and he starts sucking on my breast, nice and hard, the way I like it. At times there's a place when someone's sucking my nipple that I feel this thread of energy between us, like we're riding the same current, and I had that then. He squeezes my other breast hard, also just like I like it, and right out of my lethargy and dissatisfaction I'm suddenly turned the fuck on!

He comes over on top of me to suck my other breast, and I start stroking his sides with my fingertips. One of the great things about J is his ultrasensitivity. The lightest of touches, especially in just the right places, set him moaning and writhing. I actually still have my lacy blue panties on and he's hard instantly, grinding himself into them. I can feel that I'm wet when my panties slide up between my lips as he grinds. I stroke his back, from his butt to his hairline, and he moans and turns his open mouth to me. We kiss, and then I work my way down his neck in kisses, to his shoulder, which I bite. Meanwhile I'm raking his side and back with my nails. He moans harder and bucks hard against me. I lick my way back to his neck and start to suck. He loves that. He doesn't have to worry about hickies, so I never have to restrain myself, and I don't.

His hand snakes its way into my panties and he circles my clit with his fingertip. At the same time, I've started stroking his butt. As I get to the middle, he moans again, gutturally, and spreads himself. I do this several times, each time with him moaning and opening up. "You're just aching to be fucked," I say into his ear. He chuckles. I have every intention of doing just that. I'm considering ways I can tie him up and where I can find something to tie him with. I plan to tie him face down and fuck him from behind. I can just imagine his sweet ass rearing up to meet me and him coming hard almost immediately into my new sheets. But first he's got my clit awake and I want to feel his tongue on it. "Eat me," I say. He repositions us with my butt at the end of the bed.

And finally he's learned what I like. He starts off slow and sweet, licking lightly to each side of my clit without touching the head. He keeps taking these slow little licks, and they feel exquisite. This is the area where I'm ultrasensitive myself. Light pressure drives me wild, where harder pressure just numbs me too soon before I can come. Then he begins a swirly motion, the tip of his tongue floating briefly across the tip of my clit and then back up around the sides. When someone eats my pussy the right way, I go into an altered state of almost-bliss. I'm moaning and moaning myself. I can feel my orgasm building, and I want him to lick a little harder, but I'm beyond words and just try to think what I want him to do really hard at him. What he's doing is wonderful, but it won't make me come, so I reach in and start to massage my clit back and forth with my finger. He keeps licking too, near the head. God, it feels GOOD, but I can't come! I know I'm not going to make it, so I say, "Stick a finger up my ass." "Really?" he asks. "Yes!" I say. He's never done that before.

So he does and it feels great. I flick my clit back and forth with my finger and almost make it, but still not going to happen. So I slide over to the side of the bed and reach under for my box of toys. I bring out my small clit vibe and use it, but now all I want is to be FUCKED! I motion him on top of me and massage his dick until it's hard enough. Then I lead him inside. He pumps and it feels soooo good. I just lie back and moan some more. He goes on for a while until he has to pause for a minute or he'll come. I begin to play with my clit again and he goes back down to lick some more. I'm thinking, hey, maybe I want something in MY ass too, so I hold up my hand for him to stop. "Is your dick still hard?" I ask. "Yes," he says. Then I reach into my box, find the lube and hand it to him. "Try it in my ass and see what happens," I say, "but make sure it's good and lubed up first." My pussy and clit are just aching now, but in a good way, and I have that little extra feeling of wanting something more.

He lubes and positions himself and begins to slid it in my ass. I clench and have that moment of, oh, no, I don't think so, but I'm so turned on I decide to try to ride past it. He works the head of his dick in and out, so softly, and it stops hurting. Finally he pushes all the way in. I feel totally opened up. I think, "Yeah, I do like this." He says, "Yeah, I do like this. Mmm." "You've really never done this before?" I ask, because he's told me that, but the way he eased in so skillfully, where most men just try to go by force and it feels they're tearing you apart, makes that seem impossible. "Yes," he says. "Mmm, I get your anal sex virginity," I smile and draw him down to kiss me. He thrusts strongly, and it's very intense, but it feels divine. He keeps going. I know he's got to be getting close to coming, and it's great, but only in small measures, so I whisper, "Go ahead and come." He pumps really hard, and it's cool, but I'm beginning to wonder if I can take it much longer when I see him start to come. His eyes close and I can tell they're rolled back and his lips part as he gasps slightly. I watch him and I see and feel his orgasm stretch on and on. When he's done, he collapses on top of me and sighs, "Wow!"

He stays hard for a while, inside me, but eventually pulls out. As soon as he's out, I'm on my clit with my vibe. I have GOT to come, or I think I'll die! "Finger me," I say, and he sticks three fingers in. I feel nice and full. "Hard!" I say, and he goes hard. I work my clit and he works his fingers until I can feel it building. It's not a focussed clit orgasm, but more of a vaginal one, which seem at their beginning like they will be less intense and satisfying but which usually explode into vaginal contractions and more of a whole body experience. I make my little whimper cries of oh, oh, oh as my head thrashes and rolls around (which is how you know I'm coming) and eventually it subsides. Right away I know I can piggyback on that one right into another, so I keep at my clit with the vibe and he keeps pounding away with his fingers. I know his hand must be getting tired and it distracts me for a second, but I push it out of my mind.

Soon another orgasm begins to go off, more powerful than the first, and I feel my pussy clenching his fingers and his hand jerked around as my hips roll up and down and all over the place. I throw my head back and just let myself go totally into it, and it seems to last forever. I'll think it's over and then realize I can squeeze out just a bit more, and this happens several times until I finally hold up my hand for him to stop. My head is spinning. "Well, THAT was something else!" I say. "Yeah!" he exhales and lets his head fall on my belly, and we both lie panting that way for a time.

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