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She went to his room as instructed and waited on the edge of his bed. She thought that he was kidding with her but she knew that when she fessed up about masturbating he would be a little stern with her. So, when he followed her into the room and told her to strip, she knew tonight he wasn’t kidding. Lately he had been very lax with her and not correcting her for her disobedience and lack of tack and grace. She took her clothes off and folded them neatly at the end of the bed. She knelt at his feet and looked at them as she knew if she looked directly at him it would be great disrespect. He spoke coolly to her and it gave her a chill down her spine. He grabbed her chin and she closed her eyes so she wouldn’t catch his glaze. He asked, “Do you know why you are being punished tonight”, quietly she said “yes”. He jerked her chin and told her to speak up so he could hear her. Louder and clearer she said, “YES”. “Good”, he continued. So, dear slut, what should your punishment be for pleasing yourself while your Master wasn’t home. She spoke up and said, “Spanked.” “Hum … spanking it is.” “Now, I’m going to have my way with you and you will not be allowed to cum at all.” As my slut for this evening, I will whore you out to all my needs you will please me you will satisfy me and I will not be disappointed. As quickly as she opened her eyes he collar her, and grabbed the O-ring attached to collar and put her chin on the floor; she listened to him going through the closet to find the right instrument to punisher with. As she tried to put it out of her mind, a quick lash came out of nowhere and caught her off guard. He picked the leather strap to lash her with. With out missing a beat, he told her to count. With a hasten breath, she counted. He wailed on her ass, alternating one side to the other. Her ass was red and when 20 lashes were over he caressed her back side trying to sooth her. He then grabs her by her collar and placed her on the bed. She stared away from him and let the tears stream from her face from the spanking of a life time. Now its time for him to serve his punishment to her, and without missing a beat he tells her to removes his cloths...and she does with hesitation. She found herself face to face with his cock, she gazed up at him to see if he was looking at her and he was. He looked at her and told her “what are you waiting for, get on it.” She took his cock in her and placed it in her mouth. She sucked him and licked him like crazy. She listened to him moan. He stroked his cock as she sucked him. As she pleased him with her mouth she applied small amounts of pressure to the head of his cock. She loved to listen to him and loved it more when he would take her head and use her mouth as if he was using her pussy. It drove her insane. When it came time that he could stand up any longer, he moved him self onto the bed and told her to continue but before she could start over. He placed an O-ring gag in her mouth and with that he told her that he was going to finish using her mouth by fucking it and then he was going to cum all down her throat; if there was even on small drop left on him he was going to spank her again. He grabbed her head and she went down on his cock again. This time the force of his hands on the back of her head was almost more than she could bear. He fucked her mouth so viciously that she could barely breathe. It must have been at least 10 minutes and he was still using her. She could tell he was so close because the head of his cock swelled up in her mouth. She knew it was time and she didn’t want any of his juices to drip from her lips so she deep throated him so every last drop of his cum would roll back in her mouth. He came so violently that she tried to let up but he pushed her head to him and would let her mouth go. When he was finished he pulled her up to him and took off the gag. With such marvel he kissed her and could taste his own cum on her lips. He looked in her eyes and said, ‘very good my little whore but we aren’t finished.” She thought after she drained him completely that he would be tired, but no, she was mistaken. He rolled her onto her back and placed padded leather cuffs around her wrists and then attached silk rope to them and strung her spread eagle on the bed. She was laid naked spread out for him to use her as the slut she was to him. He got up in her face and asked ... “what are you?” she replied, “a slave” he followed by “what are you to me” she countered “property”. And what does my slave do for me?” she answered, “I serve Master’s Will.” He looked at her and smiled. “Good” he said beaming. “So, what is Master’s Will tonight slut?”
“To fuck his slave” “Right you are, my pet, you will be a fine fuck for me; you will serve very well tonight” “and remember, no coming, you are for my pleasure. You already had your pleasure. He gagged her then and started in on her. He took his fingers and ran them on her clit, and pushed his way inside her pussy. She was so wet. With her bound to the bed and gagged she could scream and carry on and he didn’t care one bit. Her climbed on top of her and used his hands and arms as leverage against her bound body. Her grabbed on to her and forcibly entered her body. She could see his eye glaze over has his cock felt the inside of her pussy. Pleasing himself he used her. And she wanted to cum so badly and every time her pelvis would tighten he would swat her on her tight and tell her no. He used her pussy so hard that she screamed through the gag. For a good hour for so, he pleased himself using, he tugged on her nipple piercing and sucked on her nipples so hard. He got himself ready to climax and whispered in her ear. “I’m cumming my little beast”. He quickly took off her gag and told her to beg him to cum inside her. And she did… she promised obedience and she would ask for permission do to anything with her body the next time. He looked into her eyes… and said…I want you to cum with me my little slut. He looked at her and bellowed, " cum my little slut, cum for your Master" She screamed loudly. He could feel her orgasm. And at the same time he held her so tight to him that could he feel his hand dig into her shoulders. He came so profoundly that her body shook. He then went down on her pussy and teased her clit and that quivered so helplessly. He completely ate her out and could taste her cum as well as his. When he had done what she thought was everything he could so. He wasn't finished with her. With her pussy shaking; her whole body for that matter, he found her dildo and used it on her. He looked her square in the face and said... “you won't masturbate with out me again will you slut....?" “No... She panted.... "You are my little whore, aren't you?” And this little whore likes to be fucked by her Master doesn't she....?" He screamed at her to answer.... “She bellowed out... "Yes! i love it when my Masters uses me.. And fucks me and has his way with me..." He stroked the didlo in and out of her. She screamed for him to take her again. She looked him in the eye and begged and pleaded with him to fuck her. To use her body in any manner he saw fit. She saw his cock grow in size moments after they had came together. He was so incredibly turned on by his little toy. He climbed back on top of her. He fucked her like his life depended on it. She looked at him, straight in his blue eyes... She called him Alucard, not Master ...... she called out to him as her lover not her Master. With that he climaxed so deep inside her, she could swear she could feel everything. She couldn't move at that point. He started to untie her and then picked her up in his arms and held his beautiful beast. He looked at her and asked her what she called him. Shy fully she said... “I call you Alucard" and at that moment she had realized to her shame what she had done. She started to apologize profusely to him. He took his finger and bumped her nose as said. “Don't worry about it my pet. You were amazing and you pleased me beyond anything I could hope for”.

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11/21/2005 6:58 am


JarrodSparrow 33M

11/25/2005 12:17 pm

Is it wrong to be turned on and disgusted, uneasy and amazed, curious and scared...all at once?

To wonder if I will ever do this, only to wonder even more if I want to?

I guess my world has been sheltered...my life limited...my world view a bit naive...there's always so much more...*sigh*

To the books for more study I suppose...


Lickn2Pleez 56M

2/2/2006 10:34 am

Wow! Very exciting read! Felt as if I was in the room! Post more!

kc_benry 50M

5/3/2006 9:02 pm

Extreamly exciting....perhaps someone could make that come true for you?

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