The Mistress of Malevolence (Part 1)  

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The Mistress of Malevolence (Part 1)

One of the most beautiful women this backwater town has ever known stepped off Flight 082, a Non Stop from Miami to Houston. Although she hated the place it felt good to get back home into familiar surroundings’. Marlow Burke, a dashing woman with flowing auburn hair complete with piercing hazel eyes that could look deep into any man or woman’s soul and discover their weaknesses within five minutes. If that did not work she would engage them in casual conversation obtaining answers to any question she may have had without the person even realizing they gave out the information. She was acutely aware of body language and tonal inflection when reading what she usually considered her pray. Some would call her a sexual predator others simply call her Mistress.

That afternoon she was wearing a long skirt with a strategic slit running to mid thigh showing off her slender, perfectly formed legs, finished by four inch heels. In her heels she stood a magnificent six feet, two inches high, enough raw feminine power there to get anyone’s attention. Walking with majestic pride through the airport she was very aware of the stares she got from both men and lusting women, but she had grown so accustomed to the effect she had on others, that these days the looks were almost unnoticeable. Today her mind was preoccupied with the couple she had recently met in the Bahamas, and her determination to have her way with both of them. Thinking of ways to dominate and control the man while teaching the wife how to become the top in that “sad ass” excuse for a relationship.

It wasn’t that she was overly fond of them; she disliked the husband tremendously because he has tried hitting on her and excluding his wife. The poor girl needed some backbone, “and I’m going to ram it right up her tight little ass”, she thought. To think that bastard husband of hers actually thought his tired sad line was going to get him anywhere near some of the best pussy in all of Houston Texas. Although, she did leave the blind fool with the false impression that she was “hot” for his body and was willing to include his wife in a threesome. Little did the fool know that when he and his wife arrive next week Marlow’s dungeon would be setup to make him the slut slave for the girls? While still at the airport she made up her mind to spend the entire week thinking of ways to humiliate and torture his dumb ass. She thought to herself, “next weekend will be fantastic, I’ll do things to him that he will remember for the rest of his life”. And “if I’m successful his wife will do things to him that he would swear a woman could not do to a man”.

On Wednesday Marlow called one of her slaves; a beauty named Terry, telling her to come over and be prepared to serve. Terry; a good looking blond in her mid twenties with big ripe tits and pussy so clean it was like she never grew hair, Marlow thought that her pussy was as sweet as candy, and often enjoyed the delicate way Terry would taste once her pussy juices started to flow. Terry was truly deeply in love with Marlow but knew that the only way she could be with “her” Mistress was to serve and obey. Which, as their relationship developed she discovered that she enjoyed letting the other woman command and control her every thought, all she had to do was obey and enjoy what ever “her” Mistress had in store for her. Terry did not even mind when she discovered that Marlow had several slaves, both men and women who worshiped her and felt just as strongly as she did about the Mistress.

About an hour later there was a knock at the door that Marlow knew would be her sweet Terry arriving. “Hello my love, it has been far too long” Marlow said as she closed the door. Terry lowered her head and said “Mistress I am here to serve and please you in any way I can, and yes it has been far too long”. Marlow told her, “Put that maid outfit on and clean up the dungeon, my sweet”. “Yes, Mistress”, Terry smiled as she said this, for she was aware that “her” Mistress had trusted her to arrange the dungeon toys. It was the first time she had been allowed such freedom, ‘her” Mistress was showing more love than any other person she had known. Perhaps tonight she would be allowed to stay all night in the dungeon while she pleased the Mistress. Terry put the little maid outfit on, it was perfect for cleaning or anything else. Now this outfit only covered her pussy and part of her ample tits as it was made from an apron and enough cloth to cover Terry’s abdomen. But she set about doing her duties, cleaning and putting toys in their proper place.

The lack of coverage was the biggest reason Marlow wanted Terry to wear the maid outfit and she looked so adorable when she wore it. Marlow was watching intensely, she loved the site of Terry’s cute little ass and voluptuous tits spilling over the top of the maid outfit when she moved. She could feel an itch starting as she looked upon this tender morsel she had grown so fond of in such a short time. There was a bond she felt with Terry that she did not have with her other slaves. Marlow decided to analyze her feeling later as she was now in need of the services that Terry’s mouth could supply.

Marlow walked around the dungeon selecting a nice leather and felt whip along with a beautiful hand tooled riding crop. She set in what she called “The Throne Chair”, a contraption built much like a recliner that would leaned back approximately 30 degrees with two movable leg supports with stirrups for her heels. It was perfect for those times she wanted to get or give stimulation. Right now she wanted to get, so she sat in her Throne, leaned back, opened the leg supports, and called out to Terry “Honey come over here and do mama”. Terry had been waiting for the opportunity to once again service her Mistress, so upon hearing the request for service she was overcome with joy. “Yes Mistress, right away Mistress, I am here to serve your every need my Mistress”

“Yes, yes, I know my lovely, now make love my kitty, she is getting hot and needs to be taken care of”, Marlow then snapped the whip in the air for the noise effect. Terry ran to the “Throne” with utter immediacy, dropped to her knees and started kissing Mistress Marlow’s pussy like a woman possessed. As Marlow lay back wave after wave of pure pleasure started to sweep over her body. She wanted and needed more intensity so she applied a quick snapping tap to Terry’s back side with her whip, which was just long enough to curve past her back and hit the larger part of her ass. The effect of the hit drove Terry’s mouth deeper into Marlow’s pussy. Which increased the pleasure Marlow felt, “More slut, I need more of you”, as she struck Terry’s ass once more. This time with the riding crop at the top of Terry’s ass, which produced a slight bit of pain, something Terry had learned to enjoy since becoming Marlow’s slave. Terry started to both lick Marlow’s pussy and suck at her clit one right after the other. With each successively harder tap of the riding crop she would suck harder at her Mistresses’ clit, just the way she had been trained to do for her Mistress. By this time Marlow was using the whip with one hand and the riding crop with the other, each blow landing precisely where she wanted them to land. Using this method she was able to achieve just the pain level she wanted to project, thus having the effect of Terry’s mouth getting greedier with each strike, sending her closer to the type of orgasm that would make her explode.

Terry felt the tingling that started as very light waves of pain only to change to a warm pleasurable sensation, then to a hot feeling of pure pleasure starting from her backside growing to engulf her entire nether region. Her own kitty had gathered enough wetness that it started a droplet that slid down one side of her thigh. She wanted release, she wanted the bliss of an orgasm along with her Mistress, but knew that her release could only come when she had permission, and not before. She dared to do that only once during her slave training, it took two weeks for the welts on her back and ass to fade, so she was determined to only CUM when she was told to do so. But both women now found themselves in the throes of utter pleasure, one from the act of giving, the other through the act of receiving. It was Morgan that found that sensual release that her body had been yearning for all morning long; hers was the dominant sound in the room as she encouraged her slave, “Yes my slut, yes that’s the spot, that’s it. Suck me, make me CUM.” Morgan could feel her body tighten as she was just starting to overflow into her orgasm. “Oh God” she screamed. “Fuck meeeeee, oh, oh, I’m CUMmmmmING”, as her body started to convulse heavily. She felt herself lifted to a different plane, a place where nothing except pleasure existed. During the same time sweet Terry was enjoying utter bliss as the heat that once went to a large area was now focused directly to her pussy and clit. The hot stimulation that had once made her pussy drip very slowly now had a river of lubrication flowing from her, making her only thoughts and desires centered on sucking and licking her Mistress. The effects of such concentration was to have Morgan reach that ultimate orgasmic state that only a properly trained slave was able to give to her Mistress. As Morgan slowly recovered her slave was still between her thighs with her head laying peacefully on one of them she said, “Come here my darling child”.

“Mistress, did I give you what you truly wanted? Are you satisfied with me?” Morgan took Terry’s face into her hands as she said, “Sweet, sweet Terry; I value you above all my other slaves, you, my dear, I love” With those words tears of joy started to flow down the young girls face, for she knew she had finally found the true love she had been looking for her entire adult life. Morgan gently kissed her love slave; but as the heat of the kiss built so did the action of their tongues and they kissed deeper and more passionately. Until, “Now take that beautiful little ass of yours and climb into the sex swing, I’m going to give you something special for all the work you’re doing today.” Morgan purposely walked very slowly as she put away her whip and riding crop, allowing her slave to use her imagination as she picked out the next toy. It was Morgan’s favorite strap-on, a monster cock on one side and a vibrating clit stimulator with a small four inch dildo for the person wearing the device on the other side. She proceeded to strap the toy around her waist as she neared Terry, who’s eyes had grown quite wide because she didn’t think she could accommodate such a large cock. Morgan fastened the middle section securing the clit stimulator and small dildo within her own vaginal area, as she advanced toward Terry rubbing lubrication on her new dick with both hands. The strap-on she grabbed had a cock the size of a small arm, something a person would use for “pre fisting”, that was the onslaught Terry was about to face.

Terry, who was in the swing with both her eyes and legs wide open and her pretty pussy still wet and glistening from servicing her Mistress earlier, felt the head of the monster rubbing against her pussy lips and was very surprised as they opened to except this pseudo cock into her body. She could feel a definite stretching as her vagina was trying to allow the organ entry. But as “her” Mistress continued to push forward Terry discovered that the stretching had stopped and shearing pain was taking its place. While on Morgan’s side of the monster she had turned on the vibrator and was only noticing how good it felt to fuck her little love slave. Morgan was doing a slow and rhythmic grind to the girl she had on her sex swing, as her pelvis moved forward she would pull Terry toward her as she placed more and more of the pseudo cock into her slave.


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Damn! You write well. Nice pace, nice detail, looking forward to the next part!

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<Sigh> Yet another amazing sensual story from you. More, More More! I cannot wait for the next part!

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I luvvv it ... have read it 3 times and very much looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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