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9/21/2005 10:35 am

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How do I quench this thirst for pleasure, a need to stretch the boundaries of what some would call normal. Isn’t it normal for man to want to explore, yet we fear exploration of our own selves, our bodies, our minds. We even fear others seeing us without clothing; we have laws that prevent us from displaying that which was given to us by God. While reading the story of Adam and Eve I realize that our fear goes back a long, long way. It seems as only the ancient Greeks and early Romans were able to overcome some of the fears that modern man has placed upon himself.

Isn’t it strange that we fear what others may say or think of us, if they discovered our sexual fantasies and deepest desires. Thus our need for discrete encounters that a lot of us place as a requirement for acting out what we crave. There are some brave souls that have broken out and dare to live a lifestyle different from that which is considered normal. But in public revert back to what is acceptable to the society around us. Why?

We simply leave our fantasies and desires locked away in the dark, as something we can only take a peek at, never to be realized or acted upon. Is it years of socialization that has conditioned our minds to believe that what we want is wrong? Is that a form of personal regression that one could be view as self punishment for acts we simply think about?

I have read profiles that are full of what we will not do. People stuck in that place called a comfort zone, afraid to venture outside of that space. Why do we fear ourselves; why do we fear leaving our comfort zone? What happened to the explorer within all of us?

XesSex03 49M/48F

10/4/2005 7:20 am

I agree with BigGirlzRSweet. It's the idea that we are stepping outside the "norm", the socially acceptable codes of behavior that adds the thrill and excitement to the "deviant" fantasy. It is the same reason that "good" girls like "bad" boys, and vice versa.

We must revert to accepted behavior in the daytime, or in public because the self righteous morality police, prancing around on their moral high horses could (and would) take great pleasure in making the lives of the person living an "alternative" lifestyle completely miserable.

Having a somewhat un-orthodox view of God, religion, and all matters spiritual, I believe that God did not give his children toys that he did not intend for them to play with. After all, what would be the sense and purpose in that??

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