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Last night I got a call from a friend of mine, someone I’ve met only once but we talk on the phone almost every evening. At our meeting I knew right away that this would be a platonic relationship, something I had made up my mind about prior to ever meeting. I even sent her an E-Mail right after we met explaining that all I could offer her was a simple friendship. She is a beautiful person inside and out but for some reason (yeah, I know why) she was simply is not my type. Now, I strongly expect it was the first time I talked to her she told me that she was sexually conservative. For the twenty year old me that would have put a devilish smile on my face and a challenge I would have enjoyed. For the “me” of today, those words are a definite “Turn-Off”; I’m now the one saying “can we just be friends”.

I have nothing against a person feeling that way; but think it’s usually a simple matter of sexual repression. The reasons for that repression might be quite complex, I’m no analyst and I’m not about play shrink. But when a woman of 40+ tells me she has had only five lovers I’m thinking “rank armature” (but you ladies have been known to tell a fib now and then!). I have started down a path better left alone --

Her phone call last night was to ask me to come to her house this morning and help her with a problem she was having with her garage door. I’m thinking a whole bunch of words that should not be used, I’m also thinking “she is out of her (*&$)) mind”. I could have simply told her “I have to go to work”, but she knows enough about me to know that I can get out of work when I need to do something else. But in reality I do hold to the belief that when a friend need you; you do not question, you simply help. Since I lived in her neighborhood a few years ago finding her house was no problem. I got there at 9:30A.M., close enough to the 9 O’clock time frame.

I hit the door bell slightly miffed, because when I take the day off I always sleep late, getting up at around 10 O’clock. When that door opened my chin hit the ground....
She was wearing a sheer black gown that displayed every inch of her body and 4 or five inch heels. I could not believe my eyes; I stood in the doorway frozen in disbelief. She allowed me to gaze for some time then let out a chuckle inviting me in.

I get in and she tells me that she has my orange juice ready and will start breakfast!
Now for breakfast I generally have two or more cups of coffee and let that hold me until lunch, so for me this was a surprise and very special. After a couple of gulps of OJ I asked her if the garage thing just a way to get me to come over. She hit me with one of those over the shoulder glances and a deep “what do you think”. Immediately my dick went from “Don’t bother me I’m sleep” to “Hey, I’m getting wet today!”

I half heartedly ate my breakfast because I could not believe this was real; I could not take my eyes or attention off the woman setting in front of me. Our conversation was mainly me saying “how very shocked and surprised” I was at her and her telling me that she had “other surprises in mind”. Finishing she got up from the table, came over and grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom.

Needless to say I got out of my clothes a hell of a lot faster than I put them on this morning. She simply allowed the gown to fall on the floor and waited for me. In about three steps I was standing in front of her with what felt like the hardest “hard-on” known to man. As soon as she touched me I could feel pre-cum oozing, or as I like to call it my dick starts to cry (it’s so happy).

She sat on the edge of the bed and started to suck me all the way to my balls. She then slid off the bed to her knees without missing a stroke. The sight of her mouth when she looked up along with the tongue action, her furious sucking, it was just too much. I could hear myself telling her that I was going to CUM; it didn’t even sound like my voice. That’s when she locked on to me by my ass and proceeded to face fuck herself! I started to CUM and thought that I would never stop. I remember quivering my ass off every time either one of us moved, she kept moving and sucking. I think she got a load like no other because it has been a “while” since these flood gates have been opened. But she managed to swallow every last drop and I managed not to fall on the floor!

I lifted her up and delivered a kiss right to that mouth that had satisfied a hunger that is always burning within me. Then I laid her on the bed on her tummy and starting at her neck, kissing and tongue lashing her body. When I got to her ass I lifted her slightly to make sure I gave a lick to her pussy before traveling to her thighs. I even sucked her toes before gently rolling her over.

By this time the “man with one eye” was getting a bit hungry so I snatched her legs apart extremely quickly. To my actions I heard a sharp intake of breath, hoping that her sound was anticipation mixed with fear, which is the effect I desired. I then slowly proceeded with my mouth back to the junction which hides the gift from the gods. I started eating her pussy ever so slowly, teasing her by just using my tongue on her pussy lips and just grazing her clit occasionally. I continued to tease her this way until I noticed she started to try her best at timing the movements of my tongue to move her clit where she thought my tongue would be going next.

I gave her what she wanted when I proceeded to suck hard on her clit then smack it around using my tongue only, then gently sucking followed by gentile licking. I kept doing this until I felt her start convulsing then I gave her some payback when I too grabbed both ass cheeks and sucked hard while licking her clit. The way she climaxed that first time I have a feeling that she told me the truth about not having sex since January!

I helped her cool down by getting some ice out of the freezer and sliding it all over her pussy. That ice melted fast, fast, fast, of course being the gentleman I am, I proceeded to start warming her pussy back up to a boil. I found her second orgasm to be just as intense as the first. While she was slowing down from her orgasm I had her get on all fours, because this I had to hit doggy style all the way. By now the part of me that I usually keep under started to come out and “he” was trying to ram my dick all the way to her brain (I know, I know, it won’t go that far... I have my problems and you have yours). My other self got into the fucking fast and furious mode and during that action she had two more “nuts”. With the last one we were able to orgasm together and “OMG” it was ever so sweeeeetttt.

After a cooling shower together and a bit of oral in the shower, we got back into the bed. I gave her pussy some more attention before moving to tonguing her anal opening, which I discovered she was not ready for me to do. I think it was some of that conservative fear raising its ugly head, but I shrugged it off to her loss.

By now morning was long gone and her teen would be back from school so it was time for me to head for “Work!” After we got dressed I kissed her several more times... we kissed all the way to the front door. I asked her just what in the hell got into her and all she would tell me is that she got tired of waiting.

Guess what; going to work at the end of the day was the last thing I was going to do.

So for all of you that went to work today..... HA HA Ha
(Don’t worry I’ll have to do three times as much tomorrow)

XesSex03 49M/48F

9/8/2005 5:25 pm

OMG! That was HOT!

Seal370 45M

9/8/2005 5:38 pm

You are one lucky guy. I dream of having my cock sucked to explosion by a gorgeous woman and then to have her swallow your load. Where can I find a woman like that?

Cdub2U 61M

9/8/2005 9:53 pm

XesSex03 .... You appear to be what's hot!

Seal, my friend is someone that discovered me on (americasinternetdating) but I do not recommend the place its way too tame

Thanks for sharing folks...

eefan5 57F

9/12/2005 12:45 pm

That was a great story, come over and do me.

Cdub2U 61M

9/13/2005 5:18 pm

You have no idea what I would like to do to you. Lets talk, mail me!

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