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As we lay on the bed, wet from melted ice, body oils, sweat and body fluids, I still wanted more of her. Even though our last orgasm was so intense, that it actually left me panting and gasping for air. I was still hungry for more of her and determined to enjoy every moment we could share, so I told her “since you wanted your mouth to make love to my manhood, let’s see if you can get it back up”. I soon discovered that she was more than able to accept my challenge, as she moved her body between my legs. What surprised me is the way she tossed my legs open, as if “I” was a little schoolgirl.

I felt a deep sensation of pure pleasure as she placed my entire member into her mouth, sucking off our combined love juices. My member responded to her hot, wet mouth by growing larger and larger, and getting harder and harder. She continued until only half of me would now fit into her beautiful opening. As her mouth slowly worked its way up and down my shaft, I would squeeze out a bit of pre-cum for her to taste. The way she expertly handled my dick in her mouth was shear heaven on earth. She used her tongue to teased my dick head then slowly take me into the back of her throat and swallow, the feeling was insane. She continued to do this for what seemed like forever without ever getting tired. That is when she decided to just skull fuck me, she stopped taking me all the way to the rear of her mouth in exchange for speed. Her mouth was fucking my dick as though it was possessed, so expertly that my balls started to get that familiar tight feeling.

She kept sucking and sliding her mouth up and down on my pole, I just knew that death was on the way. I wanted to go out with the type of feeling she was giving to me, right then and there. I heard someone saying, “fuck me, fuuuck meeee” over, and over, I soon realized it was me. The English Language has no word to describe the feeling her mouth was giving to my entire body. My balls told me I wanted to CUM but I think were completely dried up. That is until she forced my dick to the back of her throat and swallowed me like she was a sword sallower, she took in all of me. Right then I had an orgasm that started in my toes, up my ass hole, and out my dick! I let out a guttural sound that only some type of strange animal might make.

There is no better feeling than being well fucked then sucked, she took me, to a place that I had not been in a very long time, contentment. Imagine for a moment an infant, after being bathed and fed as it drifts off to another world; that was my feeling of contentment. She did for me what I always try to do for others, to give pure unabashed pleasure. Moreover, she considered “me” doing her a favor; this was exactly what I would call mutual gratification. I thought to myself, “she just got herself a new lover, I’ll be in this pussy every week”, but what came out of my mouth was, “I’m hungry, want to go to Denny’s for some breakfast?” “I’m hungry too, but I want to shower before go”, she said.

I reached down, cupped her pussy with my hand, and said, “No, I want to be able to smell our lust during breakfast, and I want those close by to get a whiff”. Knowing or hoping that some horny dude would be able to sense sex in the air. Just put on some jeans and a T-shirt, I’ll be back right and we can leave.

It was great; we had made love and fucked until almost daylight, now to have a good breakfast, the only way to end a Friday Night. I got home put on some jeans, tee and sneaks; I was ready for Saturday morning! I went back, entering through the patio door and there she was. She had the look of a divorced mother of two teens that life had dealt a few rough hands. Now that was the person I had seen as my next-door neighbor but with a new brighter look in her eyes, or was it my imagination or ego? She was starting to allow some of her inner self, that inner beauty to radiate, I hoped that I had helped her to crack that shell. I said, lightheartedly, “You look extremely tasty this morning, my dear” “I feel fantastic, better than I have felt in a very long time”, she said with a bit of seriousness in her voice. With that, I walked over to her wrapping her in my arms and told her, “I am so happy and I’m honored that you allowed me to add a little joy into your life”, then kissed her gently on the mouth.

“Ok, it’s time for breakfast; I am starved and I need to eat more than just you”, I told her with a chuckle. “I need to tell you something that is really serious”, “You look five years younger when your face lights up with a smile, like its doing now. You should smile more often, as it fits you extremely well”. She smiled and told me, “Any time I have a night like this one, I’ll be all smiles for at least a week”. I gave a hard smack to her tight jeans, covering that sweet rear end with an open hand, trying to make it as loud as I could.

“Let’s go woman”, I said, as I grabbed her hand, walking out the front door into my car. We had driven a few miles and I started laughing loudly. “What is so funny”, she wanted to know. While still laughing I said, “I can smell sex, I don’t know if it’s your pussy juice smeared all over my face but I smell sex”. “My day will really be made if our waitress will be able to smell the cologne I’m wearing!” I told her while giggling like a naughty schoolboy. She looked at me with hardhearted eyes and said, “You are truly bad”, then started laughing herself. We both ended up laughing and giggling like little children.

“You asked earlier if we could do this next week”. “Lady Love you are already on my calendar.” I said, “As a matter of fact I'll make you smile any day or time you wish”


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neat...neighbors...neva had a neighbor like THAT!...

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