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Her pussy looked so good plus the almost quit noise the vibrators were making, I could not help but kiss her clit. Then I gave her pussy a slow lick from bottom to top, hearing her moan and feeling her body movement set off a wave of pussy lust in me. Sounding very cold I said “do not let that butt plug come out of your ass, and since you have obeyed me I’ll give you permission to CUM, just this once” as I grabbed her legs to get a better position on her pussy. I moved my tongue to the lips of her vibrating pussy and started playing there; I wanted her to get to the point of desperately needing her clit touched. I could feel her trying to get my mouth to her clit by moving her body downward. Since she had been good and more importantly, I wanted it, I proceeded to lick her clit with abandon; my licking while sucking seemed to be just what she wanted. When she started to convulse I had to really hang on because she was definitely getting off, hard. Her excitement and the thrashing of her body made me excited, getting my dick hard a rock. While she was easing her way back to earth, I got a gob of anal jelly and started to give my cock a good coat. I told her “get your ass in the air”; I got behind her and started nice and slowly to work the anal plug out of her ass. And as soon as I got it out, but before her hole has a chance to close completely shut, I rammed my dick into her ass all the was to my balls in one stroke. With that she let out a loud groan and the type of sound you make as air is pushed out of your lungs, so I just stayed motionless so her body would adjust to me.

“Take you hand and start playing with your clit” I told her. I could feel the vibrations from within her pussy so the bullets were doing their job. I started fucking her ass gently and slowly, I could feel her responding as she started moaning while playing with her clit. It wasn’t long before she started pushing and squeezing her ass hole to allow me to really enjoy her ass and I suspect she was enjoying it as much or more than me. Was I ever surprised when she became the one fucking me! All I had to do was stay stationary, she would move forward so that my dick head would just about pop out of her ass then she would slam her ass into me, forcing my balls to smack her pussy. This was just feeling way too good plus; she was now the one controlling me, and I couldn’t allow that to happen. I told her “I want you to stop playing with your pussy and lie quietly, I’ll be back ‒ And do not move!” as I slid my dick slowly from her ass. “You do know your dead meat if you try anything funny”, nod your head.

As she did so I walked to the kitchen to get one of my favorite toys, some ice. I started looking in the kitchen draws for the good old emergency candles; it only took a couple of minutes to find them. Armed with a bowl of ice and some candles I returned to the bedroom. I placed my toys on the night table and moved it from the head of the bed to a position closer to the foot; where I would have fact access. I climbed behind her while lighting a candle, I noticed that the sheet in the area around her pussy was soaked. I reached out to her pussy, inserted two fingers and found it super wet and hot. Removing the bullets I said “You may speak when I ask something of you. I want to know if you had an orgasm while I was gone” “Yes, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it; the thing inside me pushed me over the edge. Please forgive me” There is no forgiveness for disobeying me, I think it’s time for me to just cut your fuckin’ throat and be done with you; you slut.

She then started to beg “Please, I have a family that needs me, please forgive me, please. I’ll do anything and every thing you want.” I told her “You know, in order to forgive you, I’ll have to severely punish you, right?” “Please anything you want, just don’t kill me.” I told her “You will design your own punishment and I will apply that punishment. But let me warn you, if it is not severe, your family will find you lying here dead!” To my surprise she came up with something far more painful than anything I would do. She said “Please, spank my pussy as hard as you last spanked my ass. Will that be sever enough?” I told her “I’ll let you live, but if you disobey me again we will not have this discussion.” I put the cuffs back on her and hogtied her. I had a small leather riding crop at home that would work very nicely. So I put my pants on and dashed from one back door to the other, rearming for round two. I found my crop, got another pair of cuffs, some lined cuffs for her ankles and a nice rubber ball gag and best of all a nice felt whip. I got back to find her in the same position as I had left.

She hadn’t moved a single inch. I untied her and took the cuff of one hand placing a separate cuff on that freed hand. I then placed the ankle cuffs on her and rolled her over to her back. As I helped, I said to her “Sit up, you will wear this gag until I decide to remove it” placing the ball into her mouth and fastening the strap. Laying her down I locked each hand cuff to the top bed posts; I then used my rope to open her legs using the ankle cuffs I brought back. Each ankle had been pulled to its separate side of the foot board. I had to step back and admire the sight, wishing I had thought to bring a camera back with me. I gently and slowly, you could even call it lovingly; applied a very aromatic body oil that I to and around her pussy. While applying the oil I lingered around her clit area just to give it tease. As I was teasing her clit area I raised the crop for a stinging blow to the same area, down came the crop as I removed my hand. Her entire body jerked as a muffled scream came from her gagged mouth. As I bent down and gave her pussy a kiss I could tell she was readying herself for another blow. I then grabbed a piece of melting ice and inserted in into her pussy as I let the crop lightly graze the belly area of her body. This was followed by dripping a tiny amount of candle wax to the same area.

Since I had been neglecting her tits I moved my mouth over to the one closest to me, giving her nipple a quick light licks followed by using my lips to squeeze the nipple. I kept the up until her nipple had expanded and gotten very erect. Getting my candle I then dripped a line of hot wax from her other tit to her belly button, close enough to the skin to be very uncomfortable. She stiffened under the hot wax, “Will you disobey me again?” she rocked her head back and forth several times. I quickly traded the wax for my riding crop. I proceeded to use my riding crop on her pussy lips. “I could not hear you, what was your answer?” She was attempting to say something with that large ball in her mouth, even had I wanted an answer; nothing understandable would get past that gag. After seeing her pussy starting to slightly redden I stopped using the crop and inserted both bullets, turning both to their highest level.

She wanted her pussy punished and I would make sure she got everything she wanted and must have needed. I applied more oil to the entire area including her inner thighs, letting my finger nails scrape them very lightly. I figured it was time to introduce Mr. Whip to Miss Pussy, I started by just dragging the whip over her pussy. After doing this a few times I popped two ice cubes into her pussy knowing they wouldn’t last very long. I then went back to the whip applying just enough force to my upward blows across her pussy that she would try and move her pussy out of the way. Grabbing my riding crop I placed some well aimed snaps to her clit area then used my mouth on her clit to remove the pain.
After alternating between delivering pain and pleasure I thought it was time to take care of the business at hand. It was now time to give her the punishment she wanted. I started taping each thigh with the brush, harder as I approached her intersection. By the time I arrived at her pussy she was completely rigid trying to prepare for the onslaught she expected on her body. I gave her pussy a very firm whack right on the lips. Her body begins to thrash against the bindings, as what must have been a scream left her gagged mouth. But the first blow was quickly followed by a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, and one more. Now, by third blow everything had stopped thrashing except her head and she moved and quivered as if taking a large dildo or a big dick into her pussy on every blow. Her pussy had turned a completely beet red and she was humping the air as if she was getting fucked, seemed like the bullets inside were doing their thing.

I watched as her entire body arched, an unmistakable scream came from behind the gag and the water or cum started to flow from her pussy. I wish I had a camera!


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