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I knew that her sliding glass door was just like mine so I was smart enough to bring my can of WD40 and sprayed the hell out of the bottom track. I removed my shoes and slowly started to open the door. I let it stay at a few inches before sliding the door open enough for me to squeeze through. Closing the door, I set my bag of goodies on the floor retrieving only my cuffs and rope. I took very slow and small steps to the area where the bedrooms are located. Two of the doors were closed and one was partially open, I assumed that was my invitation. The opening was large enough for me to get my head through, she was in the bed. I slowly pushed the door open with my shoulder so that I had a full view of this ravishing sight.

She lay there with her blindfold and the suite that nature gave her. Her legs were spread far enough apart for me to see the moisture on her pussy lips. She laid there spread eagle style while I watched her breathing pattern, which seemed slow and even. I’m not sure if she was aware that I had entered the room. My intention was to get her thinking of this as the real thing. I took about three very small, very quite steps before I lunged over to the bed. I put my hand over her mouth and said “Don’t move bitch or I’ll fuckin’ kill your ass.” “I’m going to remove my hand and if you make one sound I’m going to cut your throat.” I rolled her over onto her stomach “put your hands behind your back” I said. I put the cuffs on then got my rope and tied her feet to her hands, making sure I used more than enough rope.

“Bitch I’m going to fuck you, and if I hear one work you will be dead, nod your head if you understand me.” To which she nodded without saying anything. So I went to the back door to get my wonderful bag of goodies. I walked into the bedroom and she looked so sweet and helpless, all trussed up with her feet and legs bound to her hands, it was a fantastic sight. I thought to myself “What goody should I start off with”, when it hit me, the vibrating bullets. I got some lubrication and one of the bullets; I then poured some lubrication slowly down her ass crack. I gently massaged the lub into her crack applying a bit more I was able to lubricate the ass all the way to her pussy, which seemed to be pretty wet already.

Then I got this great idea, I jumped up and went to her bathroom, yes a hair brush. I came back to the bed and said “you fucking slut, I see that this had made your pussy all wet, we will have to do something about that.” I then used some of my body oil on her nice ass, rubbing it into the skin very gently. Then used the brush on her ass cheeks, as I applied what I hoped would be burning hits to each. Although she never said a word, I could hear little sounds emitting from her with each stroke. After turning her ass a bright red I applied a bit more oil to sooth the skin. While stroking her ass with one hand I inserted one of the bullets into her pussy. Turning it on to a medium setting I thought that this will get her pussy extremely excited if left in long enough. I then said to her “you little whore, I see you like getting you ass spanked, don’t you” And she said “Oh yes”.

“I told you not to speak, I now have to apply punishment to teach you to obey” and with that I started on her ass with the brush, much harder this time and hitting that sweet spot where the ass meets the thighs. I did notice her breathing getting louder and what definitely appeared to be muffled yelps into the pillow. After applying enough blows to turn a bright red ass into a glowing red ass I applied some more soothing oil and slid the other bullet into her pussy, this one on high. “I’m going to roll you over on you back, nod if you can do that.” She nodded and I moved her onto her back. Now I could apply the clit clips I had, wishing I also had some nipple clamps. I then rolled her over to her side so that she would be more comfortable, after all I have never been heartless. “I’m going to move you back on your belly and untie your feet, if you try anything bitch; it’s your fuckin' ass”

I untied her feet and legs from her hands but I tied on leg to one post on the bed and used the rest of the rope to tie the other leg to the other end post. Oh the sight was glorious, her legs spread wide and he ass in the air, with a gentle buzz of the bullets doing their job. I put my hand to her pussy and it was soaking wet, so I slid a couple of fingers in to join the bullets. Something must have landed on her G spot because she started breathing extremely heavily. So I slid my fingers out and turned off the vibrating bullets and told her “you can CUM only when I tell you to do so!”

I thought “Ok we have to slow her down”, and then I switched both bullets on low and got out the anal plug and some special anal jelly. I started to play with her pussy slowly then introduced her ass hole into the play. I grabbed a bit of jelly and went straight into the hole, not caring if I was rough; well she wanted to be . I used only one finger at first as I slid it around the inner opening, then move to two fingers and I applied more lubrication. When both my fingers were able to move in and out of her ass easily, I lubricated the vibrating anal plug and shoved it home in one move. With that I heard a loud moan that was muffled by the pillow. Actually I felt a little sorry for causing the pain but that is what she wanted and needed, so I gave it to her. After giving her enough time to get used to the plug (it was not a little one!) I switched it on to high. And I turned the vibrating bullets all the way up to their maximum.

I got up from the bed simply to admire my work, I could hear buzzing coming from both holes. That sight got me so hard I had no other choice; I unlocked the cuffs and untied her legs. “Set up” I told her, “you are going to suck my cock and you will swallow my entire load, if you fail this task you will be spanked, on you pussy this time.” I helped her get up off that bed and told her that I wanted all the toys to stay in place, dropping any would get her punished. I then took off my cloths and moved her over to the middle of the room. Oh, she was looking so hot with the little clit clips hanging down and cords hanging from her pussy and another from her ass! I had her kneel then took my dick and placed it near her mouth. I didn’t have to do anything after that, her mouth was so greedy I thought she just might decide to eat my dick. I was hoping that she could deep throat but she was good enough with her mouth and hands. As she worked her magic I could feel my balls tighten up, letting me know that I would soon be shooting a load. And at that point I grabbed her by her hair, to get that mouth to take more cock. And I guess as I got nearer to getting an orgasm I really got into pulling her head farther up my cock, so much so that she started to gag. I let go of her hair, but she did not stop trying to take more and more of my cock. I was watching her feeling proud as she was getting more and more cock when an orgasm sneaked up on me! I let out a real strange loud noise; it felt so good I started seeing stars in front of my eyes and feeling my body quiver.

I told her “that was good bitch, but you have a lot of work to do tonight, so don’t think you’re going to be getting off that easily.” With that I led her back to the bed and had her lay on her back making sure that all the toys were still in place. I removed the clit clip and started to gently stroke around her little bud of womanhood.


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