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I almost choked as part of that drink went down the wrong hole. My problem was that she took me by surprise and I had nothing to say, you know, no snappy comebacks. My only out was being real, “well with the combination of what you have on, and what you just told me; sweetheart, you have my undivided attention”. And trust me; I was defiantly going to make sure I did not notice any other women in the place. After regaining a bit more of my composure, I asked her in my sad imitation of a Joe Cool voice, “now that you have my attention, just what do you propose to do with it?” “I want you to do something very special for me” she said. I told her “what ever you want, you got it”.

“Remember I told you Bob left me for someone younger, we had problems before he got someone else”. She gave me a laundry list of problems they had but there were two that got my attention. She said “sex with him was so unfulfilling, for both of us”. “All he ever wanted to do was get a nut roll over and go to sleep, I needed so much more. We talked and talked but I could never get him to understand my needs” I’m smiling and grinning to myself, thinking; I getting some pussy tonight!

“Baby, what ever your needs may be, I can take care of”. She then proceeded to tell me just what it was that would get her off. She had a desire to be , no not the violent stuff just enough to feel like someone had taken her. I told her, “Ok, just make sure your patio door in unlocked and I want you to wear a sleep mask to bed.” We had one more drink as we played grab ass and some other games under the table. I said to her, “If you‘re ready we need to leave so that I can get my breaking and entering tools ready” she replied in a guttural voice “I want you to break and enter me!” I started walking her out the door as fast as I could. We headed out to my car for the drive to the park-and-ride, she got in, hiked her dress up to display the cutest sweetly trimmed pussy I had seen in quite some time. I said to her “damn woman, you’re begging to get fucked right here in the parking garage” “Well, why don’t you” she replied. I got about three inches from her face and said in my coldest voice “you’re not going to get off that easily”. Once we got started on the drive I started fingering her pussy, as she turned in my direction to give me better entry. It was a bitch driving but I managed to get my thumb on her clit and one finger on her G spot. She climaxed so quickly, I felt like “I” had been cheated. She started reaching for my dick and I abruptly said “stop, you can only have that when I feel like giving you a special treat, for now you are to do everything exactly as I tell you. Got it” She sheepishly answered me. “I want you to move you top down so the truckers can see your tits and make sure you have your legs open so they get a glimpse of your pussy.” “What ever you tell me, I’ll do” she whimpered. I’m thinking this may just turn out to be a very good night, indeed.

We drove all the way down the freeway with truckers getting a real good look; there were two guys that even blew their horns as they passed. We got to the area where her car was at, I started to give he instructions “I want you to leave your dress down around your waist all the way home, and don’t close that garage door before you get out of the car.” She started to object “I can’t let the neighbors see me like this, what will they think?”
“You will do as you are told” I told her “You will also make sure that patio door is unlocked, do you remember the mask, make sure you wear it.”

Now this being Texas, where folks get shot for breaking into homes at night and we have the country’s only express lane to the execution chamber, I was hoping that this was not some sort of setup. But I was defiantly still in the hunt so I figured why the hell not. I got home and found my fur trimmed hand-cuffs, some rope, my bag of body oils, two new vibrating bullets, a clit clip, and a vibrating anal plug, and my jar of anal jelly. I thought that would be enough toys, besides if I needed anything else I could easily come back and get what ever I needed. I was planning on doing nasty things to her until tomorrow morning.


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