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11/26/2005 9:51 pm

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So why is my pucker hole tight? After getting Thursday and Friday off, I now seem to be in some sort of time warp, where I can't tell what day it happens to be. On Friday, for some bizarre reason, I'm thinking that the next day was Monday. Today, Saturday, I'm thinking that it's now Sunday. It's a damn shame when being at work is how you mark your calendar.

I asked a hotel to Next Day via the "Fed People" a shipment to me last week; the package was sent via overland on Friday. Service; it was only a week late, but hey, better poor service than no service at all! The strange part about that incident is that when its time for the same people to be paid, they want their service on time, imagine that!

The speed at which I’m able to communicate with this site is a joke. I’m on high-speed cable, yet interacting with this site is like I’m on a 14.4 modem via "the on line folks"! (it took all day to enter this crap)

Last but certainly not least.... I’m alone on a Saturday night (Partially by design). Now just how *(*_ sad is that?

(why was this post denied? twice)


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