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9/5/2005 1:11 pm

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Fuck Buddies

The first time I heard the term “Fuck Buddy” being used was someone’s post on this site.
Now I must admit I had Fuck Buddy’s long before this site was created, most (some) of us have had friends that when either of you was in need of a good fuck, the other “cum’s” to the rescue. Most of my buds go back to my days of living at the beach in Southern California, I called them my neighbors. We were the crowd that hung out at the pool every single day (well almost, after all, there is a week of winter in LA). While most of us were from somewhere other than California, we were all chasing that dream of an endless summer.

Well I’m proud to say that using this site I have met a fantastic fuck buddy. Someone with a great sense of humor, shares some of the same values as I, and really knows how to let that freak out. Oh, the following is printed with her express permission!

We had been talking/chatting, getting to know a bit about each other but mainly about fucking. And believe me boys and girls, this was one partner I “really” wanted to lick, suck, spank and fuck. The woman’s conversation was ever bit as randy as my own and we shared the same sexual tastes. There were sessions where I had to put the breaks on the conversation because she would get me hot as hell (vivid imagination at my end) and I hate it when my dick get hard and no one to use it with.

Well few days we had our opportunity to have a meet and greet, well my over active imagination can not come close to the reality of her ample tits, feminine tummy, smooth ass, and her sweet shaved pussy, and what a glorious pussy. But I’m getting ahead of myself while telling this tail.

We had a simple fair for dinner, I had not eaten in over a day and a half so needless to say I could not eat much (sometimes a good thing). We sat there discussing our past life and work.... folks, this is a one hard working woman! It turns out that she is a woman like so many of today’s women, shafted by one guy or another. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was like that shit we see on television?

After dinner we adjourned to the bar for more conversation and one quick drink, as they proceeded to close the place. Now, by this time I think she figured that I was safe, as in not some mad demon wanting virgin blood or body parts! Since they were turning off the equipment and TV sets we were forced to head for our cars. When we got to her vehicle our lips met.

Her body felt marvelous up against mine during that first kiss. Oh, did I mention that her mouth was ever so sensual and silky soft when our lips met? I have to tell you that there is almost nothing better than a woman that is a good (sexy) kisser; it makes me weak in the knees and light in the head. Well my peeps, after a little tongue wrestling we decided to take this to another level at a motel that just happened to be located by the restaurant.
[To Be Continued]

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