Can Women Lie?  

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9/16/2005 12:02 pm

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Can Women Lie?

How is it that women can lie extremely well, and guys have never mastered the art? Sure we all tell some sort of lie every day, but I’m talking about lies at the sexuality end of the spectrum. And as a guy I’m here to state, we lie our collective asses off! But we don’t do it worth a damn, we are completely transparent. Women; I love them, I admire them, and they are so smooth......... In every way, including being able to lie like a rug!

Here is an example of the difference:

A young lady tells her lover she is going shopping. Since guys tend not to enjoy said endeavor he stays home. Young lady meets a guy at the shopping mall and they adjourn to the local motel a few miles away. This routine continued for several months, anywhere from two to three times per week. The idiot that hates shopping, never asks any questions and never catches on!

A young man has a night out with the boys, leaving his lover at home. The guy is not permitted (or chooses?) to go out very often, if at all, without his mate. He gets to a club or any gathering place where the sexes meet and our guy behaves like a kid in a candy store. He ends up doing something that he would never have done had his lover been with him. The something can be anything from close personal contact to obtaining a method of contact at a later date. Our guy if asked anything about that night will lie, but it will be ever so transparent. He will always pause before answering or stutter, we men have a “tell”. A little poker term meaning something you always do when lying. And women are able to read our “tell” each and every time!

What do you think?

rm_lil_treasure 47F

1/2/2006 12:08 pm

Women can lie so well, because they have better reasoning skills then men. A woman can talk to herself and reason it out in her mind that what she is doing is right, maybe her man hurt her feelings last month or maybe he looked at another woman, or maybe he just isn't giving her the attention she needs, so she reasons with herself, comes up with a solution, and acts on it. She isnt really lying, she is just solving a problem. Men on the other hand, take things at more of a visual approach, if it looks wrong then it is wrong. Men feel like they are doing something wrong, then they tell a lie to cover it up, so the look guilty. Women think they are doing something justifiable, they dont see that what their doing is wrong, so they arent really lying, they are just telling a different story so the man wont be upset. Women feel that the man is really getting what he deserves anyway, but there is no need to upset him with the facts. Does that make sense! Bet it does to all the women reading this.

Cdub2U 61M

1/7/2006 2:52 pm

After reading that one I was LMAO

Truly funny

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