Some Interesting facts:  

Cdav3556 40M  
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3/16/2006 11:26 am

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10/16/2008 6:28 am

Some Interesting facts:

Just sitting here musing over some of my prior adventures on AdultFriendFinder and my mind got to I decided to take a look at the makeup of men to women ratios on this site. If none of you have ever taken the time to look at this, I found some interesting things...

1). Did you know that there are over 218,000 men searching for women, vs. 21,000 women searching for men? That makes the ratio of men to women in this category almost 10 to 1! Ok this is to be expected, but gets worse for us guys...

2). Guys, have you ever sent out an email to a woman, and get a response that contains her email address, only to find out that it was a fake profile and was actually a solicitation for another site? I did an approximation based on how many fakes vs. reals I came across on a 50 email basis. If estimated, did you know that between 20 and 25 percent of the profiles from women on here are fake? How sad. That makes the true ratio of men to women almost 13 to 1! Terrible. Want more bad news? Ok how's this?

3). Did you know that only an estimated 1 to 2 percent of the single women on this site are GOLD or SILVER members vs. about 35 percent of the men that are GOLD or SILVER? We struggle to get noticed by being upgraded members, and yet there are so many of us that its extremely hard to get near the top. Damn, talk about competition, How about one more?

4). Did you know that the average woman receives about 20 to 30 emails a day from us guys, and by my survey of women I have spoken with, they delete almost 50 percent of them without even looking at them? I know this is ture because I email a young lady 3 times before she finally wrote me back saying that she hated she missed me and did so because she would do a mass delete so many times that she probably missed several men she could be attracted to. Damn, so that means if you're number 26, or 37...or even worse, 69...your email will probably be deleted without even being seen! Talk about getting the "shaft!"

Ok, that's enough musing for now. Men and ladies, let me know what you think about these issues I would love some feedback on this.


mr_head_doctor 41M
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3/16/2006 4:01 pm

i knew it was bad, but not that bad. i did notice the ratio of men to women, though. i guess you have to play the numbers if you want to get noticed on this site. i've only sent out about 10-15 emails to women i'm interested in and my inbox is flooded with b.s. emails saying "hey, remember me? check me out on this site ...." kind of take the fun out of things. i'm sure this site is probably doing the same thing on other sites, though. lol

Redjay05 44M/37F

3/19/2006 10:31 am

hahaha its funny to me that this is just becoming an issue.. i think its a well known fact that most men choose to overlook in pursuit of personal satisfaction.. which i cant say i blame most men for.. i mean face it. most men arent desireable to most women.. which if you want to point out dissheartening facts, would most likely drop the chances of at least 75% of men on this site to slim to none of ever making a connection.. sucks dont it.. makes me wonder with all this information,, how on earth ugly people still are being born haha.. just kidding.. but really.. my advice to many of you.. lower your standards.. choose love over lust.. lust will only empty your wallet.. lol.. so will love come to think of it.. but its way more worth it ok.. ive said enough.. oh and by the way cdave.. haha keep calling.. she will answer i think anyway.. ciao homie...

BlackProfessor 40M

10/13/2007 6:17 pm

Wow...startling. Just wait till the word gets out. I actually find it infinitely easier to meet a single woman in r/l than on this site. The fun upside of this site is that you get to meet couples and connect with like-minded people from across the globe. But sex? - too many moving parts to rely solely on AdultFriendFinder. A 10:1 ratio...LOL. Alaska, here i come...

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